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Naughtybynat69 dijo
My Husband and I met on your site. we just wanted to say thanks
rm_aspic31 dijo
salut tout le monde, je partage l'avis des francophones, trop anglo-saxons quelques personnes ont regardé mon profil, je suis daddy mais elle cherchais de même, en france ZERO, je tentais pour un voyage en asie, les filles ne repondent pas , elles s'en servent uniquement pour draguer et consommer de suite... le t'chate difficile en français alors encore plus en anglais! quelques bons coups certainement à Sing. ou HK...mais tres loin. Un gros defaut, ne pas savoir si le message envoyé a été lu, un autre, les messages automatiques qui permettent l'envoi du genre" bcp de mail a répondre , patientez je vais répondre " et biensur aussi je ne resterai pas abonné...desolé pour ce site adulte!
Creativesoulsin1 dijo
I came to Fuck Book Sex trhough a web link. I had always been curious but never really saw myself getting into any of these sites. I set up my profile and then started getting active by writting articles and responding to the questions. I had a great time. Now I was a lesbian and I stated that on my profile. Not only was I lesbian but I had never been with a man but I was highly curious about men. I was online one night and I received an instant message through Fuck Book Sex from another member. He was nice and most of the time the men did not approach me well so they never made it past the first introduction. However this man was truly nice and asked if he could talk about things before we talked about them. He slowly drew things out of me and I liked it. After a while of chatting with him we started to see that our fantasies seemed to be in line with each other. It was so exciting. We where both chatting regularly about our fantasies and one thing led to another and we agreed to meet. He was completely wonderful. One of my complaints about men was that I would never find a man that lasted more than a few minutes and as it turns out I was as lucky as can be with a man that can go for hours. He has incredible control of himself and that is grand! Well, I was hooked. He was hooked. We were dating others at the time and so far we have kept coming back to each other. We love our sex life and we get along wonderfully. Although I see other women and would bring a woman into our sex life for a threesome we are happy with each other. The rest is good spice for our sex life. We are happy as can be and we owe it all to Fuck Book Sex. Thank you! ~*G and R*~
jimbeam4men dijo
My wife has been with three guys from Fuck Book Sex. Each guy makes love to her in a different way. After they leave, we both are so horny from the experience that we make love again. Watching her give her all to another man is such a turn on for me. I love to watch her being fucked with a thick long cock deep and hard. When she is moaning and telling the guy how good his cock feels, my cock starts to throb. Thanks Fuck Book Sex this is the best sex life I could ever imagine. My wife loves being fucked by good looking guys too.
SensibleAura333 dijo
Hello My name is Nicole and I'd like to thank Fuck Book Sex personally for helping me stumble across the man of my dreams! It all began about 6 months ago. I'd been using the site for about 2 months when I got an e-mail from another member. He mentioned that I popped up on his cupid list that was e-mailed to him. I recognized his name as someone that had obviously been on my list as well, but seeing as though I wasn't a paying member, I wasn't able to contact other members. Our first date was on Friday the 13th (August 04) and we chose to do dinner and a movie. Friday the 13th and we saw Alien vs romantic, right? The conversation was awesome which surprised me. I'd been on a few blind dates already through Fuck Book Sex, but had never been this pleasantly surprised by our compatibility. As the night progressed, I started to worry a bit because he didn't seem to be warming up to me. Any other guy would have been putting his arm around me, holding my hand, etc etc. but not him. I took it as mixed signals, and by the end of the night, after having to practically beg for a goodnight hug, I figured that I had been mistaken by our compatibility (or maybe it was only one-sided?). I went home and shared the story with roommates explaining that it had been a waste of my time and money. Looking back now, boy was I wrong!! A couple of days later, he contacted me again, and I straight out asked him if he was interested because of the mixed signals he had given me on the date. He apologized profusely and blamed it on his shyness and nervousness. He explained to me that he was VERY interested...and asked if he could come visit again...which I happily agreed to. A month later, we moved in together. He made the decision to move to my town (an hour away from his), even though he'd be driving that hour to and from work each day. He would always tell me...but I get to wake up to you every morning and fall asleep to you every's well worth it. On December 19, 2004, while laying in bed that night, talking out what our future together held...he popped the big question...well...sorta...LOL. He said, "You know I love you, right?" I told him of course. That's when he nonchalantly mentioned that he'd bought a ring. My first response was...YOU DID WHAT?!?! I began crying and said yes (of course). We've set the wedding date for June 10, 2006 and have invited all of our Fuck Book Sex friends...hope family doesn't ask how they know the bride/groom...hehehe! Again, thank you for leading me to the man that can and will always brighten my day, put a smile on my face, take out the trash when asked, and hold me when I'm down... Forever in your Debt, SensibleAura333
neednluvin1 dijo
Hey all my experience here has been great, I am a married male whose wife doesnt play. As a matter of fact she doesnt want to even play with me. I started using Fuck Book Sex to find some people who only wanted to have sex and be friends but could be very discreet. I am happy to say that I have found those people. I have only been with two people from this site but both are still great to get with. I found two women who are also married and in the same boat as I. We get together about once every week and help each other fulfill the needs we have. One of the wome is a squirter, boy that was fun the first time. I had never been with a woman that got that wet. I nearly drowned. This is a wonderful place to meet people. I started with two people in my network and now have over 30 wow! Dont ever give up someone will come eventually. neednluvin1
curiouscat4848 dijo
After a surprise separation, I thought how a 56m is going to meet ladies? Nightclubs and bars were not my scene. A friend told me about Fuck Book Sex and I havent looked back. It has restored my confidence in myself and has allowed me to rediscover the skills of dating. I set out with the intention of making new friends and that has happened very quickly. The added bonus is meeting like-minded people which has taken the awkwardness out of initiating sexual contact. Thank you Fuck Book Sex for putting the man back in manhood!!!
rm_Charly3965 dijo
Bin zwar noch nicht lang dabei, habe aber noch nicht mal einen Wink bekommen.Sollte das alles sein?
rm_frenchie02 dijo
I recently met a sexy lady I had visited with on Fuck Book Sex for several weeks. Our first meeting was at a fast food place where we were able to view each other for the first time while we had lunch and visited. We were running short on time, so instead of going to one of our homes or a motel, we went for a drive in the country. As we drove, this sexy young woman told me that I was causing her nipples to get hard. We finally found a place to stop and began to kiss and touch each other. I was able to free her beautiful breasts and suck on her nipples while touching the rest of her body. She was touching me while I slid my hand inside her pants and found a slippery clean shaven pussy to fondle. She appeared so excited that as I touched her clit and nibbled on her hard nipples that she came right away. Due to the time restraints we were unable to carry our passion any further right then, however less than a week later, I was able to meet her at her home. Again wee had a time restraint of an hour and a half, but we made good use of it. As we kissed, we undressed each other very quickly and just seemed to fall into her big bed. We were able to explore each other bodies until our need for each other took over. We had sex in several different positions and I was able to lick her pussy to a masive orgasm. We had sex twice before I had to leave her home. We've kept in contact with each other and have a longer time planned for the very near future. We both are very attracted to each other in a sexual way and just can't keep our hands off each other. I have also met several other hot ladies on Fuck Book Sex and their stories will be told in the near future. frenchie02
rm_budstud417 dijo
My wife was giving me the cold shoulder as far as sex goes and I was not about to give up something I love. I found this site for people just like myself and gave it a try. I finally came across a nice lady that is a member just for the right reason, she just wants sex !! I sent her a message on IMC and she responded right away. We talked a few times and when our schedules finally allowed us to meet , that is what we did indeed. We started out with small talk at first but then I told her that we needed to get busy on what we came here for. Needless to say we had awesome sex and now we are going to get together with another member for a 3-some (FFM) and I can hardly wait. Even though it took a little while to meet someone it was well worth it.
yrodin dijo
Bonjour, je suis un homme de 30a du sud des landes et pour dire comme la majorité des français sur ce site, il est vraiment trop anglophone! vous pourriez faire une variante de ce site uniquement français ou francophone pour que les gens d'ici s'amuse ensemble!!! Sinon, pour ma part, j'ai repéré une belle femme d'aquitaine, pas loin de chez moi mais il y a impossibilité d'envoyer un message, je suis si triste... J'ai eu beaucoup d'aventure avec des femmes libertines, pour certaines, je les frequente encore, selon mes envies ou les leurs. Malheureusement, ce site ne m'a pas encore apporté satisfaction donc rencontre. J'espère bientot! Surtout pensez-y bien, un site français serait l'ideal!!!
txstud817 dijo
I joined this site as fun thing. Never thought that I would really get an response to tell you truth. but I am very happy to repport that I did get an answer. AND she is absolutely everything to me I would live and I would die for her. we have met. and spend some together, The thngs that really make feel she is one. are first and foremost her personality 2nd her intelligence 3rd her angelic beauty. 4th her love of being held all night. 5th her wet soft gentle kisses 6th her golden brown skin as solft as the finest silk in all the world. and 1 LAST thing but definantly not the least all the passion she has and gives to you. so, with that said I thank Fuck Book Sex for one fan-fuckin-fabulous sexellent site. and for those that think its not possible take it from me it is very very possible just believe and have faith and the right one will come along in your life.
royboy709 dijo
So far Fuck Book Sex has been working pretty well for us. We have met and routinly see a great guy who loves to give my wife and I what we need. Tonight we have another guy we have met through Fuck Book Sex coming up to our house for a romp, I'll let you guys know how that one goes.
willgggg dijo
My story is probably not typical, but most men would not admit it. I have been on Fuck Book Sex for 6 years or so with many, many meetings with many, many, many wonderful women. They have cum in all sizes, shapes, personalities, and relationship status'. They have all been wonderful. I feel fortunate to have been with everyone of them. They have made my life richer then I thought possible. To those men out there that think they have to lie about their wife, relationship, or situation, DON'T LIE. BE A GENTLEMAN. BE YOURSELF. Women only want you to be honest with them. If you want just sex, say that. If you are married and just want sex, then say that. Be honest and you will find the success that I have found here at Fuck Book Sex more than any other place.
rm_stellar1963 dijo
As a married guy, I was looking for a lady that like me was not looking to end their marriage, but rather expand their sexual horizons. At the same time, I was not interested in multiple partners. Amazingly, I found just the women, a wonderful women 10 years older than myself. She showed me how passionate sex could be. We brought each other to multiple orgasims and I experienced a squirter for the first time in my life. I got scared, the passion was real for both of us. So unfortunately it came to an end. I still think of her often. So, just be honest, tell it like it is, be patient and your likely to find what you're after on Fuck Book Sex
HungAryan007 dijo
I had originally joined Fuck Book Sex to find local couples who were searching for a threesome partner. I had enjoyed a number of threesomes, usually with a girl friend I have had an on-again off-again relationship and another guy. I have always felt comfortable with other guys in the bedroom with me. Well, I was having fun e-mailing and sharing pics with several couples around the Texas area. I tried hard to hook up but it never seemed to work out. Someone, the husband or the wife got cold feet. This lasted for about a year. A couple from Houston was quite different. They were very open and asked lots of questions. It was fun just sharing erotic e-mails with them, but we had also exchanged mobile numbers. Well, on Friday, December 17th, I get a call that I didn't recognize. It happened to be the couple from Houston. They were in San Antonio on a weekend getaway and thought they would take a chance and call me. Well, I was shocked and overwhelmed with the call. They told me their room number downtown at the Mariott and that if I wanted to meet face to face, they would be happy to meet me for a drink. Well, I debated the evening for several hours and figured, this is why I joined Fuck Book Sex anyway, not ever really imagining that I would hook up with someone online. About 9:00 pm I drove downtown and parked and walked into the Marriott hotel. I took the elevator up to their room and knocked on the door. I was very pleased when she opened the door wearing one of those see-thru things with thong panties on. She was gorgeous in person. Stacey smiled and said she knew I was going to come by. Mark came up and shock my hand and insisted I come in. We sat and talked for about 45 minutes, they had a bottle of bourbon and had a six-pack of Coke. We enjoyed some small talk. I sat on one of the chairs in the room and she came over to me and stood right behind me. She put her hands on my shoulders as Mark asked about my job and hobbies. She started to rub my shoulders and down my chest. She unbuttoned my shirt and reached down and kissed my neck. It was an incredible start to an incredible evening. Needless to say, we had a terrific time. It was more than I hoped for and we have seen each other every weekend since. I have opened my home to them and they invite me down every other weekend. It's a great way to meet the right couple and fortunately, I didn't get frustrated and leave the site too soon. My advice to anyone out there who has experienced the same thing is to be patient. Things will come to those who wait!
LanaBanana dijo
I joined Fuck Book Sex after I got out of a terrible relationship. At the time I was just looking for something quick. Perhaps someone to hang out with. Little did I know I'd meet the man of my dreams on here. He contacted me and we decided to go out to get some coffee. We sat at that diner for about 3 hours just talking and having a good time. He dropped me off home with a hug. I figured that was that really, but the next day I had an email from him saying he couldn't wait to see me again!! We hung out two days later at a concert in town, and then two days later. Those two day intervals soon turned into 4 days in a row, three off. Then it seemed we were seeing each other every day. Not to mention, the sex is absolutely the BEST i've ever had. We're now living together and can't seem to go a few hours without seeing each other. It's really nice and i have a feeling this is the man i'm going to be spending the rest of my life with.
dazzlingmuse dijo
At 3:55 AM Sunday morning, I was in the midst of closing down the computer and going to bed when my messenger chirped that someone from Fuck Book Sex wanted to chat. I couldn't forego the opportunity and stayed up to chat. You'll have to read the detailed story that I'll be posting soon of this marvellous experience but suffice it to say I picked her up at 5AM. I was in sexual heaven for the next 50 minutes. To make this story even more amazing, neither one of us had a place to go. So, we parked in a secluded spot; neither one of us cared that it was -27 Celcius outside. I tip my hat to you Fuck Book Sex and say thank-you for making this encounter possible.
midmocaveman dijo
I met blueberry1987 thru mutual friends on Fuck Book Sex. I ended up looking at her profile, and meeting her. We have had the most amazing sex from the very first day. Blueberry1987 and I have since moved in together, and share an active lifestyle, engaging in both MFF threesomes and swinging. I hope everyone finds the success we share!!
sxykity84 dijo
Well, mine was about a year or so ago when I lived down in Georgia. I'd met a girl, and we chatted for about a month or two. She sent me her pic...absolutely beautiful. I didn't have a picture at the time, but she went with it anyways. We made plans to meet at a hotel by the mini bar, and did just that. She brought her hubby along to watch and videotape, but it was still an awsome time. We ordered drinks and talked for a couple hours...then we went in the jacuzzi where it got a little hott! So, we decided to go to the room...where we had more drinks. Then we got hott and heavy...we were all over each other like flys on shit. That's when I got to have a girl use a dildo on me for the first time, and it was great. We all slept together, and I left early the next morning. Never heard from her again...nothing like a one night stand.
angeleyes19762 dijo
I had just gotten out of a bad relationship that seemed to have lasted to long. I desided I wanted to meet some one new and joined Fuck Book Sex. I received a few emails at first but nothing that really interested me then one day I got online to check my messeges and there was a new email in my box. After reading it and checking the persons profile I was in delight. This was a really nice guy and I was really interested in meeting him. We emailed each other for a few days and talked on the phone then ended up going out. Searchingforthesame is a real sweet heart and we still keep in contact so it's really cool . Thank you Fuck Book Sex I met a man that knows how to treat a woman like a woman and is great in the bedroom .
rm_up_for_3 dijo
My wife and I had discussed FFM threesomes even before we got married. We've been Fuck Book Sex members for about two years now, and have had our share of successes...we're quite picky on who we'll bring into our bedromm, as we like to make friends with the woman as well. Fuck Book Sex lets us meet people at our pace, as after we've been with someone for awhile, and they/we move on, we tend to take a break and not take another lover for awhile. We usually remain standard members until we feel the urge to "have some fun," then we upgrade our membership, and normally within a week or two have met a few good prospects. Even when we let ourmembership go back to standard status, we check in every two weeks or so to read articles, or just see what we may be missing. Not complaining really, it's just getting a little harder to find a partner interested in a FFM threesome. Nevertheless, we're currently talking to a really nice woman who we ran across in one of the Fuck Book Sex chat rooms, and things are heating up! We'll always be loyal to Fuck Book Sex!!!
mystique695 dijo
Well, my story is not a complete success but it was one of the most electrifying moments I have had in a long time. We met on two occasions the first time we just sat in his car and had the greatest three hours of conversation you can imagine. The second time we met we went to his place where we made out for about two hours just touching, kissing, exploring each other. Though we did not have sex his touch was electrifying, his kisses were filled with intensity. I have to say he has definitely left we wanting more, wanting to see just how hot things could get....
mystique695 dijo
Well, my story is not a complete success but it was one of the most electrifying moments I have had in a long time. We met on two occasions the first time we just sat in his car and had the greatest three hours of conversation you can imagine. The second time we met we went to his place where we made out for about two hours just touching, kissing, exploring each other. Though we did not have sex his touch was electrifying, his kisses were filled with intensity. I have to say he has definitely left we wanting more, wanting to see just how hot things could get....
Header0 dijo
I met "JP" online and talked to him for a few days. He was in town and we decided to get together. I found a babysitter and met him at his hotel.To be honest it was a little weird at first. we talked about what was on the tv and his work and my school life.I started to take off my clothes a little at a time. first starting with my sweatshirt. I had on this really hot corsett top and I have big tits so that eased things up. we each took turns taking off clothes till I was down to my red bra and pantie set. he had his brifes on. he sat close to me and started to rub on my body so I fondled him for a little bit before I started giving him head. he loved the fact that I deep throted and sucked on his balls.his dick was thick and I liked it alot. apparently I gave great head because he rolled me on to my back and started to lick my clit. IT FELT SOOOOOOO GOOD! I was a little to tight for him at first so he had to take his time or else he would cum to quick. he was on top first but before he came he went down on me again. so got on top of him when it became to much to handle but again im tight so we changed positions to doggie. he stared slow because he didnt want to cum to fast. he started to go in deep and hard .thats the way I like it so I never complained. I asked him to go harder and faster so he did. IT was a success! he came fast and hard. I was a good fuck and he was left wanting more. but because of a phone call we had to cut it a round or two shorter than planned. But it was fun and I would do it again. Thanks Fuck Book Sex. Header0
wantinmore2005 dijo
I want to share a little story with you all. My husband and I have always had a great sex life. We are very much in love with eachother and we are best friends. But, our sex life for the past 2 or so years has been slow, good, but slow. We have pushed our own desires and needs to the side for the sake of our children (We have had a child every year for the past 3 years). Well it has been awhile since I have been pregnant, almost 2 years. I have always expressed my attraction to other women. We have had several "flings" with other girls, some awsome and some not so great. Latley we have been looking for another special someone. While we have been searching our hormones have been through the roof. We have gone out on the town a couple times, hung out with several georgous women, and fantisized together ALOT. I get the biggest high when another female tells me how hot my hubby is. The look in his eyes when he sees me hangin out with another girl turns me on more than anything. Sex with him has been better than ever. My husband has turned into SUPERMAN! I know that just the thought of bringing another woman into our bedroom has been the best thing we have ever done for our sex life. Even if we never find that special female the search has been great.....
stylishcouple5 dijo
We are a member of Fuck Book Sex since last one year but till now we did not get any couple to enjoy. Still looking.
blueeyedmurder3 dijo
It didn't start as an effort to find a fling or a partner. It was just a way to feel good about myself again, to do a little cyber chat and talk a little dirty as my divorce was proceeding. Blow off some sexual tension, so to speak. There were tons of men looking to talk and most wanted more. I chatted with some, and learned the ropes of the site. Made some great and supportive friends. Then one day I spotted a tiny photo that I found appealing. And for the first time, I contacted somebody instead of the other way around. Still for chat, of course, but I soon found he was at the same place in a divorce, not too far away and that we had many more things in common. One being, we'd both been without any physical contact for a very long time. Chat led to photos, and the physical attraction was immediate. Phone calls followed - he had a fabulous voice. Phone calls led to a date. And while waiting for the days to go by, we talked on IM every day. All day long at work. And it got hotter and hotter. A few days before, we gave up pretending that this was platonic, and just reserved a hotel with a jacuzzi suite. We are not kids, and decided there was no point in playing games. We knew what was going to happen, and why not plan it well. I got there first - and set up the room with candles and chilled champagne in the bar sink. Dressed carefully for my first "date" in over 15 years. How STRANGE it felt. And I drove to the restaurant where we'd decided to meet. Public place - safe. Touched base on the cell phone - he thought I'd get there first. So I waited outside on the mild night - and waited. Checked with the hostess - no one had a table and was waiting for me. Waited some more, a half hour passed. Had he bailed at the last minute? I went in once more and checked, but no, there was no table. I turned to head back to the hotel alone, when she called me back. He was waiting in the bar and had just caught a glimpse of me leaving. He'd thought the same thing, that I'd chickend out and stood him up. We have laughed about that ever since. He ordered me a Cabernet, and I stammered and blushed and got tongue tied. He was very tall, muscular and everything I expected. As with everyone I've ever met in person from the internet, the actuality was stone cold reality when compared with the fantasies we create online. Just when I thought I was making a certified ass of myself, he reached over and took my hand. Looked into my eyes, and told me how beautiful I was. And in short order, all the chemistry we'd felt on line was in the room with us, and we left without even having dinner. Three steps out of the restaurant, he turned me around by the shoulders and kissed me. We got in separate cars to drive to the hotel, and I could not get over the adventure I had allowed myself to have. I was afraid, and giddy and excited all at the same time. In 10 minutes time, I opened the door and flicked on the lights. And my efforts in creating an atmosphere did not go unnoticed. The champagne did get opened, but barely sipped before a trail of clothing started appearing across the floor. What followed has been described by both of us as the most incredible sex of our lives. The first electric touch of skin to skin. Hands exploring. Tongues probing. Navigating the bed from one end to the other. Then we spent more than 3 hours in the jacuzzi until we were wrinkly and spent - watching ourselves in the mirrors surrounding it. We collapsed hours later, and continued in the morning. Eventually, hunger forced us to head out to a restaurant for brunch. And we ate like starving people as the owner went to each table in the place, dressed as Santa Claus. Now that there was time to talk, we discovered that we actually liked each other. Enough to want to continue with another encounter. Maybe more. And leaving was bittersweet, but the phone rang later that night and the conversation replayed the previous night in exquisite detail. And the IM blinked the following morning. I know I was captivated, and I think he was too. The next rendezvous was a week later, the next five days after that. The sex is uninhibited and passionate. My car is racking up miles driving cross state. Nobody expected this. We're actually afraid of everything being too much too soon - but it is completely delicious. Sex like no other, companionship that is so unexpected and comfortable that is so, so welcome during a difficult time. Some things are gifts. And you can only be glad for them.
rm_dallyzzxx dijo
Well I have my first encounter under my belt.... And I was the guy just last month who was complaining about how the women on this site have all the power, ETC.. Well I was not ready for the experence I had in Knoxville. Coming out of a 16 yr marrage I was a little nervous to say the least. But the drive from Nashvegas to Knoxvegas gave me time to calm my nerves. And I was not disapointed once I got to the hotel she had picked out. She greeted me w/ a kiss and then proceeded to treat me like a king for the rest of the evening..That's all I'm gonna say about that... A gentleman does not kiss and tell. But I want to thank Fuck Book Sex for making it possible and for giving me a new friend (hey Beth!!) Thanx, Dally.
alco0184 dijo
Well where do i begin. I have had an account with Fuck Book Sex fir bout 6 months to a year. i talked with many men and they were not for me. Untill November 3, 2004 I met the man of my dreams. It is now January 25, 2005 and we r happily living together. We are a very happy couple and we are glad that we have each other. He is all i ever wanted in a man and in a relationship, he takes great care of me when i am sick or when i broke an ankle he treats me like a woman and i treat him like a man. I am glad i found Fuck Book Sex and i very happy that i found the man of my dreams here on Fuck Book Sex. Thank you Fuck Book Sex for making this possible.
whitegirlgrown dijo
Wow, I've met some really nice men on here, even ones that we have became really nice friends. The chat rooms are cool too. They have a lot going on, I didn't like it when I've said time and time agian, what I don't like and someone will do. But that's how it is. But in all, this has been more fun mostly at late night and can't sleep, I'll get on Fuck Book Sex and just chat all night and meet new friends.This is a fun and safe place to play.I love the men who put up they webcams to show what they have and them wanting me to see them cumming wow this is fun. Thanks Fuck Book Sex
ozarkcpl4play dijo
We have been forced to move 4 times in last 3 yrs and we have taken Fuck Book Sex with us wherever we go. We have made several contacts all across the country just by chatting and using the many special features this site has to offer. Keep up the good job and looking forward to meeting many more couples on here.
blueyz71 dijo
I had gone on a date with someone from the site. The night started off fairly simple with a cup of coffee and conversation. He had turned to me and said" your lips look very kissable". I had asked him if he wanted to kiss me, and he did so with a very sweet kiss. The kiss was very enjoyable, we had spent the most of the night kissing after that. We both looked at each other with a sense of knowing what the other had wanted. He had undid the front of my pants and started to lick my clit. His tongue was so soft against my skin I thought for certain I was going to cum right then and there, but he had worked his tongue up and down my pussy , making sure he tasted every bit of me until I had cum. After he had gotten me off I in had returned the favor with simple tease of a blow job. After awhile of sucking and stroking his cock, he had looked at me and asked if he could "fuck me"? I had told him "yes" as long as he had a condom. And of course he did, he slipped the condom on and slid his rock hard cock into me very slowly, my pussy was so wet. He had lifted my legs up and over his neck and enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed him until we both cam together. That was the best sex I have had in a long time.
sexstarved2008 dijo
i been on Fuck Book Sex for about like 10 months now an i thought i wanted just sex to this site but then i met a sweet guy from here..even tho im married i found a guy that can take my mind off of the dreaded stuff that i have to deal with at home.. an that guy since i met him ive been only interested in him and him alone. i dont like to play with anyone else but he informed of wanting to play as a couple now.. so i agreed.. and we're still together still now..i wood do anything for this this site has helped me cuz if i didnt try out your site, i wood have never met him, i thank you Fuck Book Sex..
SixFtHBAAM dijo
My Ex-wife is living happily with the man (from the cpl) we met here. His ex is staying at my house for fiancial reasons. She was not exactly honest about us swinging, but it did pay off well for her. Mike
rm_Mphsartlover dijo
I have basically met some very interesting characters on Fuck Book Sex. I initially found out about the site when I found my soon to be ex husband had a profile. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Although it is a "looking for sex" site, that hasn't been my focus. I just wanted a deep voiced manly man to do some harmless stimulating chatting. It has been very enlightening. I think I have met a couple of guys who will be very good friends and possibly someone to hangout with once everything is final. There's one guy I talk with daily and he keeps me laughing. We have met in person and we are both very silly. If for nothing more than just the pleasure of meeting new people Fuck Book Sex has done it's job. Thanks!
rm_12inhardcock dijo
It is VERY difficult, if not impossible to meet anyone here at all. Women freaky enough to meet someone on a site like this is one in a million. You have much better chance to meet one of the following on this site:
1. a gay guy 2. a transvestites 3. a bi couple in which the husband seduce you with his wife then meet you to screw you without you ever letting you touch his wife 4. occasionally, a size queen black woman (if you are big) 5. a hooker (if you have money), but you don't really need to pay this site monthly membership dues.
so after using a site like this, you can appreciate the wisdom in some of the old sayings, such as "you got what you pay for". woman will NEVER cause only $30 a month in this country! you will be much better off using a regular dating website, be a nice guy and spend sometime to meet a normal woman. or just try to make more money so you can afford decent looking pro women.
my 2 cents
sexysororitygrl2 dijo
thanks Fuck Book Sex! i have met some very hot guys on here to share my sexualness with. they have all been very good and up to the challenge always. AirBoss17 you are one sexy motherfucker who knows how to please! thanks Fuck Book Sex!
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rm_jjj35fun dijo
as only a standard member i thought i would never be able to meet up with others-- but Fuck Book Sex changed all that for me ---the response have been great and looking forward to more encounters-- cheers!!
Red_Maiden dijo
First off , let me say Thank you very much to Fuck Book Sex, for helping me find the love of my life, Back in 2000, I was going thru a divorce and a friend of mine told me about Fuck Book Sex , so I joined just to meet some new people and hoping it would help me get back into the dating world. I wasn't looking for any type of relationship , just guys to have a fun time with. I would go and chat in the Texas room , that is where I met him , I was in San Antonio and he was in Austin .We made plans to meet for dinner in Austin on my way home that evening. well , it was love at first sight, we dated for 2 wks and he asked me to move in with him. We have now been together for 4 yrs and married for 2. We are still active on Fuck Book Sex because we have made alot of friends. I am only one of many of our friends that are either married or living together now after meeting on Fuck Book Sex. Thanks again Fuck Book Sex .
rm_amybunz dijo
I met hot-willtravel on Fuck Book Sex in October 2002. We live a couple of hours apart and he travels for business so it took us several months to hook up for lunch. Following that lunch in Janaury of 2003 I received an email that said he'd like to go out some evening and have a good time. Again, between his work schedule and my family commitments, it was October before our first date. We passed the months in between sending hot pictures and hot email. Our first date was to a Canadian strip club - a story in itself. Since that date over a year ago, we have joined two swing clubs together, met several couples and had one great time after another. I now have a circle of friends that keep me company while he is travelling. We have enjoyed the past year swinging together (even more stories), bringing fantasies to life and enjoying our sexuality. I think this might be what someone had in mind when they created Fuck Book Sex!
sexysililoquist dijo
I will say when I first joined Fuck Book Sex I was a bit taken aback by the, what I preceived to be, callous nature with which people treated sex. I have come to believe that sex between consenting adults, while not the moral high road, is definitely an alternative to being alone. I have met some lunatics on here and some good ones and am "seeing" a few from here now. I appreciate the opportunity to come to a place where I know what the men want and I know I can ask certain things in return w/o having to hear "If you really loved me" as a general cop-out from a whiny partner. I also enjoy the open forum in which to freely express thoughts and ideas regarding sex w/o worrying I will be looked at as inappropriate or sick. Thanks Fuck Book Sex.
SKnight91 dijo
I've messaged a number of ladies on Fuck Book Sex without success until I met one particular woman... we chatted via email briefly, and when we met in person, she was a great conversationalist, and cute on top of it all! :) Shortly thereafter, we had our first sexual encounter... and this woman was WILD! Vocal, passionate, enthusiastic, adventurous, and experimentative all in one! We became fast friends and enjoy each other's company as often as we can! We also give each other the best sex either one of us has ever had! She loves the fact that we can go on for hours, and I completely wear her out! Thank you Fuck Book Sex! :D
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Fuck Book Sex has been very good to me. I joined in August of 2004 and have had many encounters with many different men, all but one of which has been a positive experience. I've had ample opportunity to suck and fuck a lot of wonderful men. As a BBW, this has been especially rewarding, since I never realized there were so many chubby chasers out there!
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i was talking to a lady i met on this site and only looking for fun. I got talking to her the first month in december on the net. her name is teresa and she lives in the usa and i live in england. i found out that i love her and on new years day she told me she has fallen head over heels in love with me and i also told her how i felt. so while we was chatting till the early hours i asked her to marry me and she accepted. My heart beats really fast when she talks to me, as i love her with all my heart. we are getting married in the usa and then she is coming to england to renew her vows over here for my family and then we are moving to usa for six months and then england for six months. so the moral is to my story is you can find true love when you least expect it. we are planning to start a family real soon and i will love them as much as i love my princess
happybunny755 dijo
I met a swm from the site the day after thanksgiving. We hit it off immediately, but it was one of those things where it gets hot quick and fizzles out even quicker. We dated for about a month, and I had some of the best orgasms of my life during the time he and I spent together. I was glad that Fuck Book Sex introduced us, and am hoping I can meet another guy that fulfills me like he did soon...
HairyBackBasterd dijo
First had email contact for a month & then a few phone conversations, We first meet at a Mexican Rest, Met again, had the fire going & my little noodle on hard. I should be more agresive, & was hard to read. I did have a great time. Spending time & having relations w/out strings or expectations was very relaxing. I didn't have a box of goodies -- "still in storage" -- like my oils & twister. I needed the oils for her back rub, prob gave her an Indian burn, needs to get his box of goodies. Hoping to have more encounters & spend time on the lake behind the house w/ several of you women.
coquin_du_64 dijo
Je me suis incrit au mois de décembre sur le site sans vraiment penser pouvoir rencontrer une personne. Je me disait que j'allais surtout faire de la correspondance chaude. Et puis au bout de une semaine, je reçoit une réponse. Elle a 50 ans (grande, mince, cheveux long et super fessié) et me demander pourquoi un "jeune" de 24 ans s'intérrésé à une "vielle" de 50 ans. C'est ainsi qu'a commencer l'histoire avec cette femme. Apres quelque mail hot, et des dial par msn, on c'est donner rendez-vous dans un hotel restaurent d'une aire de repos a quelque kilometre de son lieu de résidence. J'ai donc pris la route (180km) pour la rejoindre. Apres un repas simple a parler de nos passion dans la vie, on pris la direction de notre chambre (qu'elle avait réservé - merci pas puce). Une fois dans la chambre, j'ai pris un grand plaisir a la déshabiller, d'abort le haut, pour découvrir ces sein dans une soutient-gorge noir transparent. 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Elle bouge dans tous les sens avant de jouir et me suplit d'arrete. Avant d'arrete, de décide de jouir moi aussi. Je lui pénétre la chatte pour de long va et vient a la fois rapide et cour avec des acous vif et profond jusqu'a jouir encore dans sa chatte. On se rendort. 6h50. je me réveille. je la carresse, mais refuse de faire l'amour et de jouir car elle doit le levé travailler. Elle se laver, on s'habiller et ce quitte en se prométtent de se revoir régulièrement.

merci le site. merci b..b.. pour le plair que tu m'a donner.
rm_maniobrero dijo
en esta anecdota quiero aser mencion en el respeto que mantengo acia las mugeres como personas empesare por recordar un biaje de trabajo en el bello puerto de veracruz en ese biaje pude conocer el puerto y como a un serbidor le gusta el buen ambiente de un buen baile cumbia o salsa de preferencia y la vida nocturna sali ese dia en busca de un salon de baile y una pareja de mismas intenciones al entrar al salon era bar familiar y tenia un letrero que decia que no servian mas de 4 copas por mesa llegue ala mesa y pedi un refresco ala mesera que estaba de buen ver me miro media extrañada por la peticion pues esperaba alguna orden de copeo, le pedi su nombre y me respondio el cual me reserbo por lo antes mencionado, al empesar a buscar pareja note que no abia muchas personas unas 8 o 10 entonses inbite ala mesera a platicar por motibo de falta de clientela asepto platicamos amenamente e insisti en invitarla a bailar aseptando un poco desconcertada pues era un extraño en ese lugar e imbitandole asta unas copas bailaba cadencioso y a un ritmo que atraia y llamaba la atencion, pregunte lla entrados en copas pues nos tomamos cerca de dies y bariadas, aque ora salia de trabajar mecontesto que al alrededor de las 4:30am y al checar la ora eran lla las 2:45 y le propuse acompañarla asu casa cosa que rechaso pero en cambio comento "tu me caes bien eres tranquilo"le agradeci el cumplido con un beso de estilo frances y agrego "eso estubo bueno" y seguimos bailando asta las 4:00 pues era ora de aser el corte en ese momento ella me pidio que la esperara ala buelta de la esquina fui medio intrigado por la ora estube esperando al rededor de unos 25 minutos asta pense en que iba aser victima de un asalto pero en ese momento aparecio ella con una mini que permitia ver sus ermosos y tersos muslos llebaba un top negro y una sudadera en mano pues aunque es caliete el puerto ese dia asia fresco se aserco a donde me encotraba me abraso por el cuello yo no dige nada pues estaba ala espectativa se aserco ami busco mi boca tratando de repetir el beso anterior al cual aora imprimia mas calor y entusiasmo no ubo dialogos solo un sabroso y rico cachondeo ella comenso a deslisar sus manos por mi espalda mientras yo lo acia en su cintura bajando yo mis manos de momento a donde termina su espalda y si que estaba bien distribuida esa parte luego paso sus manos al frente colocandolas en mi pecho y comenso a bajarlas yo ya estaba ardiendo con una tremenda ereccion empeso a bajar mi bragueta metio una mano y empeso a acariciar mi birilidad arancandome un pequeño gemido y asta de del intento de asalto me olbide. a dos calles se encontraba un hotel lo abia visto antes de entrar al salon y fuimos acia el ya con los animos en plena calentura. alo cual pido una disculpa por motibos de tiempo me tengo que retirar pero el dia de mañana conclullo este relato grasias por su comprecion y paciencia

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