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AngelToLuvYou dijo
I have found some wonderfully thoughtful, considerate, caring and lovable people on Fuck Book Sex. If you have not found a match don't give up there are new people here every day. Do check out the chat and don't be afraid to give a wink.
rm_haveguil dijo
Oh my god this worked out nice. My wife and I found an awesome guy to come join us and it was a blast. An awesome night of just fucking and sucking. I recommend this to everyone who wants to bring some spice into any sex life.
amael59 dijo
C'est trop anglophone ici, pas assez de françaises et de femmes francophones !!! Les Américains et Anglais ont bien de la chance, eux qui passent pour vertueux, il y a plein de femmes coquines là-bas alors qu'en France c'est plutôt coincé pour les fantasmes côté féminin !!!
BladeRaptor dijo
I have been on Fuck Book Sex for about 6 months or so, its a great website and has let me meet lots of new freinds, both male and female. Its also been great to meet quite a few people and share some fun. :)
DrHunginstein dijo
Fuck Book Sex, what can I say. A couple that I met here. We had the best of times. Not only great sex (J. and I did L.) just shy of an East Texas grudge fuck, LOL. L. loved our thick, long and robust members leaving no part unexplored. Unfortunately J. was transfered to another part of his firm and they moved away. We still stay in touch, but it isnt the same with out them here in town. Maybe lightning will strike twice in the same spot
Moorpark_Beauty3 dijo
Hello there! My name is Marlene and my Fuck Book Sex handle is "Moorpark_Beauty3". About 6 months ago, I met the most wonderful man in the entire world here on Fuck Book Sex. His name is Nick and his Fuck Book Sex handle is "licknluv4u3". We first started chatting in the SoCal chat room and took an instant liking to each other. Then we started sending e-mails back and forth. We did that for a few weeks before we set up our first face-to-face meeting. Nick took me to a very nice restaurant in Granada Hills and, over dinner, we talked about our lives, what we did for fun, etc. I could feel that there were sparks between us that night. When we walked out of the restaurant, he grabbed my hand and I felt a shiver up and down my spine. Then, he suggested that we go back to his place(which is now our place) in Simi Valley, so we did and we talked some more and, before I knew it, we were making out on the couch. I ended up spending the night. The next day, he took me back to where I was living at the time and we kissed goodbye and he left. Over the following weeks, we talked to each other on the phone every night and e-mailed each other. Then, in July 2004, he asked me if I wanted to move in with him, and I said, "Yes". So, I moved in with him and, a few weeks after I moved in with him, he proposed marriage to me. We are getting married in June 2005. Anyway, we are living proof that you CAN find your soul mate here on Fuck Book Sex.
rm_sexyshell55 dijo
well l have been on here for nearly two months now, met a really nice guy for fun and it was great, l am hoping to meet the guy of my dreams who l wanna spend my life with( l should be so lucky ) its nice meeting new people on here
rm_manila5 dijo
Nunca pense que en esta pagina fuera a encontrar un hombre tan espectacular en la cama como es MANILA5, comenzamos con llamadas bien eroticas, mas omenos unos 15 dias, era espectacular me hacia llegar a la luna describiendome todo lo que me haria el dia de nuestro encuentro; tenia tantos nervios de que no hubiera quimica fisica pero lo deseaba tener y que el me tuviera, finalmente llego el dia de nustro encuentro, y fue fabuloso nos citamos en un cafe, y no lo pudimos resistir asi empezamos a tocar por debajo de la mesa y nos exitamos hasta mas no poder despues de unos 20 minutos decidimos ir a un motel y que sorpresas tan grandes me lleve, lo de su tamaño es relamente cierto y este hombre si sabe como hacer feliz a una mujer me hizo suya toda la noche hicimos mil locuras deliciosas, quiero felicitar a esta pagina y mandarle un saludo a MANILA5
rm_jryouing2 dijo
also irgenwie habe ich das Gefühl als wären die Frauen hier nicht real... kriege nie eine Antwort...
rm_Gabrie54 dijo
Lamento que mi historia con Mayrene, su hermanita y yo no haya sido incluida. Juro que fue cierto todo lo que escribí; con Mayrene estuve saliendo durante 6 años y el episodio con su hemanita fue alrededor de seis meses antes de terminar mi relación con Mayra (nombres supuestos). Talvez los tèrminos que utilicé si estuvieron fuera de tono aunque he leido palabras similares en su revista. Que pasen bien y estaré visitando esta página eventualmente. Saludos
rm_njirish1001 dijo
Came on Fuck Book Sex looking for romance...and surprise...I found it...have been seeing a beautiful woman I met for several months now..and even though we are married to other people...we are more like husband and wife than with our real spouses...
2curious_cutiez dijo
I met a wonderful girl on here after searching around through all the ads. We met on a Friday, both just looking for sex. We have now been together for well over a year and are back on here looking to spice up our sex life just a little bit.
BremenBiker dijo
ich denke der Fuck Book Sex ist eine kommerzielle bühne um kohle zu machen. als "normales " mitglied darfste zwar schnuppern. ween du aben ange"winkt" wirst kannste dich nicht rühren bzw. demjenigen, der dir zugewinkt hat, antworten oder ähnliches.... also, fazit für mich: sollte ich mich dazu entscheiden silber- oder goldmitglied zu werden kann ich , ir nicht sicher sein das diejenigen, die ICH kontaktieren will mir auch antworten (dürfen). somit vorerst abwarten was die leiter dieser webseite beabsichtigen daraus zu machen. für mich ist diese seite im web erst mal ein fake (europäische/deutsche sicht) was den(prüden) amerikanischen leuten das geld aus der tasche ziehen will ohne eine adäquate gegenleistung zu bieten, es ist und bleibt einfach ein forum
rm_Msgreeneyes3 dijo
We have been on Fuck Book Sex for 10 months and have had a great time meeting couples and "playing" with some. We have made friends that we'll treasure for our lifetime. We have one favorite couple that we play with about once a month. Each time we "play" it gets better and better and hotter and hotter. Can't wait until the next encounter! Don't be afraid. It takes lots of contact to make a connection. Keep trying is my advice and have fun!
rm_cupidsbow1 dijo
Hi everyone...just wanted to say "thanks" for a great site! I've been on other personals sites, and found absolutely no-one interesting, a lot of them are so slow and cautious and sometimes downright dishonest, I've found. On Fuck Book Sex, it's exactly the opposite, the honesty and the let-it-all-hang-outness is sometimes overwhelming, and I simply love it! The profiles really make for interesting reading, and I have been in touch with one or two men, one of whom is married. I was a bit stand-offish with this guy at first, I didnt want to have an affair with a married man, but, after thoroughly exploring this site for the couple of weeks I've been a standard member, I've changed. So I'm more open now, and intend to explore my own sexuality more deeply than ever before. Recently I had an email from a couple who live about an hour's drive away from me, and they want to meet this week... I'm really nervous but looking forward to it, new possibilities to explore and all that. All in all, this is such an excellent site, and I have a good feeling that I will meet my soulmate here sooner or later, and in the meantime, I intend to have some good, honest, clean fun with like-minded people of either sex!
analprincess04 dijo
I met my boyfriend here on Fuck Book Sex at first all i wanted was sex...but who can blame me. He is now the love of my life we are planning a wedding and on our way to owning a home together. His son loves me and i love them both. This site has brought happiness back into my life and I have told so many friends about it because it really does work...don't give up your soul mate is out there and for me he was just a dick i mean click away....hillary and Rob
tantemutti dijo
I'd been a member on and off over the past few years and I had a couple of success stories, but nothing like the one I have now. I met and fell in love with another member TEL7777. We were married 10 September, 2004. Thanks Fuck Book Sex!
brandy1946 dijo
Dear Fuck Book Sex I was reluctant to place a profile here because I really wasn't in to meeting people for just sex but I did. Right away I got a message from what seems a wonderful and interesting man. I didn't know how wonderful and interesting he would be. He was like a dream come true. Not only did he shower me with money and expensive gifts but he was the best lover I had ever been with, I mean he took me to heights I had never known before. We dated for a whole year and became the best of friends and lovers. Unfortantly he became very ill and expected not to recover. He has cancer, incurable. I know that he enjoyed being with me also, he called me every single day and bought me flowers every time he came over. He would always thank me for being in his life and was glad he found me on Fuck Book Sex, but he couldn't have been as happy as I was over the past year. I will never forget him and I don't think anyone can ever take his place. I am so thankful for signing up on Fuck Book Sex otherwise I would have never met this wonderful man who made the past year the best year of my life.
ScarletVelvet dijo
Some of the sexiest men in the universe unfolded to me on Fuck Book Sex. I am a very happy woman, and thank Fuck Book Sex for me finding the man of my dreams, and some for in between!!
6withe dijo
I am a member since may 2004. I wrote a least 100 invitations. Without effort. My pictures are quite good. my description not bad. Is this only fake here?
6withe dijo
Ich bin seit Mai mitglied im Fuck Book Sex. Seither habe ich mindestens 100 Einladungen verschickt. Meine Bilder sind recht gut. Meine Beschreibung nicht schlecht. Ist das hier alles nur Fake?
Warum bin ich hier? Weil ich beim Sex auf meine Kosten kommen möchte und die sexuelle Erfüllung suche. Ist das so viel verlangt. Was ist mir wichtig? Daß Partner auf Ihre Kosten kommen. Dafür tue ich alles.
Ich bin fast glücklich verheiratet.
Was mir fehlt ist die Erfüllung im Bett. Ich werde meine Frau nicht für eine andere verlassen. Hoffe aber auf diesem Wege meine Beziehung zu retten, in dem ich das was mir fehlt mit einer Frau zusammen finden kann, der das gleiche fehlt.
Ich bin ganz neu auf diesem Gebiet. Ich habe also keine geübten und viel benutze Texte. Ich werde so schreiben, wie mir die Gedanken in den Kopf kommen. Ich denke das ist auch ehrlicher, als 100fach erprobte und ausgefeilte Profile.
Was ich suche:
ein Abenteuer, natürlich Sex (geht aber nicht ohne Sympatie), fast hemmungslos, einfühlsam, zärtlich, aber auch mal wild und zügelos, ein aktive Frau im Bett
Was ich nicht mag:
Wenn beim Sex nicht beide auf ihre Kosten kommen.

Ist einfach nur mal Sex sowas schlimmes? Gibt es niemanden hier für mich?
floridalady34 dijo
I found his profile, different from all the others. He replied back and gave me his number to call him. I thought what the hell did I have to lose. So for almost a week we talked. We decided to meet so he came to pick me up. I felt I could trust him. He greeted me with a nice hug. I remember feeling comfortable around him. By that weekend I spent the night with him. To make a long story short, its been almost 7 months and he is best thing to happen in my life. I love you David.
Hypocrates dijo
kann man hier nichts machen ohne eine Gold oder Silber Mietgliedschaft abzuschliesen? Das ist nervig mit diese ständiger Anmeldeformular.
playfulpets4us dijo
Against all odds...we have finally had the f/m/f sexual encounter we have been patiently seeking for many months. We met her on Fuck Book Sex, continued email communication, and then enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of pleasure and fantasy fulfillment. We look forward to future shared sexuality!!
3nKaty4_friends dijo
We are a happy three. At first we set out looking to find a person to complete each other's lives. After about a year of chatting and meetings, we were all successful. I guess, thanks to Fuck Book Sex, we (all 3) have made a connection that completed our lives.
amarni2 dijo
Hallo Ich bin seit 3 Monaten Mitglied und habe an die 100 Mails an alle m鰃lichen Leute geschrieben, die Resonanz ist mies, ich bin Hetero habe aber geschrieben Bi-neugierig rausgekommen ist ein Schwulenbriefwechsel, ich will aber nicht und zwei Briefwechsel mit Damen. Eine ist verklemmt, ne graue Maus und wohnt 300 km von mir entfernt und will h鋘d- chenhalten, die andere ist ein Appetithappen ein Date zum kennenlernen weitere nicht ausgeschlossen mit offenen Aus- gang. Das Fazit ist ern點hternd, dabei bin ich nett und einigerma遝n atraktiv. Wenn ich au遝rehelichen Sex haben will gehe ich in den Puff. amarni
mba2004hk dijo
(MY FIRST SESSION WITH A LOVELY SHY LADY): I registered as a Gold Member a week ago, and successfully had fun with a lady (only) of a couple last night. They were of similar age as me, also Chinese in Hong Kong, business couple. We had a chat before the gentleman hand her lovely but shy wife for me. According to him, Chinese men like me stating clearly my genuine aims in the Fuck Book Sex is a bright idea. We touched, kissed, licked, and oral before enjoying the main course which we worked out like there was no tomorrow. Her multi O triggered my hard bumping harder and harder till she said "that's enough" ... and we still carry on till the entire world is silent ... (I received very caring cleaning by the partner after the workout - that's really amazing!) We had a second session in between the mid dream, and worked it hard again in the morning ... Thanks to F and J, and i will appreciate if you would refer me to your trustworthy swapping friends looking also for a single to join. You are in fact a lovely couple!
tiago1707 dijo
Estoy actualmente con una tia bien durita, es una loba en la cama me hace de todo lo que un hombre puede pedir, lo cierto es que ella tiene 2 hijos y esposo encima, pero ella dice que ami y solo ami me quiere, no se si creer en ella o pensar que solo es una aventura para mi. Pero como me lo hace es de la putamadre.
rm_tallred4sex dijo
My husband and I started this lifestyle a few years ago. We have had our ups and downs, but eventually we met a very lovely young lady who had actually become a part of our family. Lifemates... it is an unexplainable joy.
zenatoohot dijo
Hi everyone I've been on here for about 6mths now and things are going good. At first I thought it was crap with all the talkers out there, but soon I found that there are some serious ones as well. I've meet a few and they are very nice and we all keep in touch. So I made new friends which is great. Always looking to meet new ones, just in case those who hook up with someone or find themselves a BF or become totally gay. I'm married and very bi, so I find this exciting that there other people like me out there. Have a good day.
gemini_lady52 dijo
I joined Fuck Book Sex a few months ago and have met some really nice men. I am currently involved and living with a guy I met on this site in February...We have so much in common and know all the things we didn't do right in our "other" marriages. This is a wonderful site for meeting people and if you are looking for that special one, well, there are plenty to chose from. The best part is, you can take your time and have fun too. So good luck to all and I hope you get all you want from this, I sure did!! We are both happy and who knows, we may be back as a couple looking for another couple or a lady or gentleman friend. This is gemini_lady52 thanking Fuck Book Sex for my chance at happiness, again!! Thanks so much!!
rm_jdforfun1000 dijo
I had my first 3some because of this site. I am a bi male and I was really wanting to get with a couple. I emailed a couple on here and the next day received a phone call from the guy. We talked and he wanted to meet me first to make sure I was really bi. I went and met him in the afternoon. We hung out for awhile then got naked. We gave each other head until we both came. So I passed the test. I left. Later I came back when his wife got home. I met him in the living room where he instructed me to get naked. We both did. We went upstairs where his wife was completely naked and blindfolded on the bed. He said he had a surprise for her instructing me to place my cock in her hand. She was really happy to realize what was happening. I was so turned on by eating her out while I watched her give him head. I climbed on top of her, But I didn't last long due to the excitement of being with a strange woman and her man. We had fun for a couple of hours and I eventually left without her ever seeing me. She thought it would be more fun that way. They called me a few weeks later and said that she wanted to watch us guys suck each other off. I went over and did just that. At one point both of them were sucking my cock. It was so hot! I love sharing myself with others and really love 3somes. That was the only two times we got together. I met another couple, but that is another story. I am so happy and turned on about this site. Thank you very much.
rm_harpyie dijo
Bin neu auf dieser Seite. Hoffentlich gibt es hier den Erfolg den ich mir wüsnsche.
rm_ALFI1966 dijo
Na vor zwei Wochen das erste mal eingeloggt und an diesem Wochenende schon eingelocht. Na dass war geil Oral, Anal und Normal und Faustfick wollte Sie auch noch. Wahnsinn
I love this site. I've met men and women who are just super hot. Most have been well educated and looking to have some good clean sex. Some had some wishes that were just a little to kinky for me. However, I still dig this site and love the idea that you can get laid in one day if you play your cards right. If your having a problem with this site hit me and maybe I can help you get laid.......
3nKaty4_friends dijo
We started on Fuck Book Sex a few years ago and were looking to find someone to add a little spice to our lives. After looking for a few months we met people that became good friends, but not love interests. We were just about to give up our search when a young lady emailed us. That one email led to a great year of chatting online, but due to the distance it seemed like we would never meet. Much to our surprise we actually got to meet and became great friends and intimate lovers. We have been living together for over a year now and it has changed our lives for the better. Thanks to Fuck Book Sex we now feel our family is complete.
flash51167 dijo
Today was a great day. I was contacted by a member of Fuck Book Sex and boy was that an eye opener. I haven't been on in a while and she emailed me. The question was do you want to get down to business. my answer was yes and to my suprise i was invited to the hotel where it all took place. we talked for a while and then decided to make a video tape. the sex was very explosive and very hot.and then the closet door opens and another pretty girl steps out naked and she joined in. there wasent much convo just plenty of action. I've took a break from this site because it seem that all the girls wanted was to invite you to join another site and I thought it wasnt going to work out but know im coming back with hopes of meeting new people. so as of tonight im meeting my new friends for some more hot sexual encounters. flash
rm_EGEOS dijo
nymphowife2 dijo
My husband and I joined Fuck Book Sex about a month ago and have met a couple of guys. They had long, thick cocks and when they fucked my screaming, wet pussy , I loved it. We are meeting another guy tomorrow and my pussy is so excited at getting another hot, juicy, hungry cock to fill my tight holes. My hubby and I are really into threesomes but, him and I want to try some gang bangs by some well hung studs. I would love all three of my cock, hungry, holes filled at once. If this interested you, then we want to here more. Check us out on Fuck Book Sex. Nymphowife2 On Fuck Book Sex
rm_SexualBigCat dijo
Wow! I never thought this will be possible, as 90% (I think) of people on here are from the U.S.A. I have been on here before, on and off for a couple of years, got some great e-mail buddies from over the water, but nothing else. Until recently. Being from South Africa, I did not think I would actually meet someone from South Africa, maybe a world traveler? I have met two guys in the last week, and we just clicked! I have a date with another man over the weekend and just can't wait! Well Done Fuck Book Sex for being such a wonderful, wonderful site! Being a BBW makes it a bit more difficult to meet guys or girls, but hey, I am not complaining any more, as the men I met so far, are sweet and caring. Yes, the bottom line at first is sex, but I know that I have made good friends / lovers! Thanks a million.
sex_girl_818 dijo
Bambiswim59 and I met about 4 months ago on Fuck Book Sex. I was browsing around the site seeing who was here and who i would like to maybe fool around with. Meenwhile my boyfriend at the time had no idea that I even had the membership and that I was planning on cheating on him (we were together for 4 years). Then I saw bambiswim59, and he was just so goodlooking that I had to check him out. He was perfect. I wrote him an email and waited if he wrote back then we would start maybe getting to know each other better. Well needless to say he wrote back and we just got along great. He gave me his number but at first I was afraid to call, but then I realized that I wasnt loved anymore at home and he actually cared about me. So I call and we talk for about 10 mins or so. I knew after that that this was one guy i had to do a f2f with. Wse are now dating and in person or over the phone the sex is great and we are now planning to get married in a couple years. We love each other and we cant wait to set up a couples account!!
getitup32 dijo
I have been a member of Fuck Book Sex for about a year now, and at first was not having a great deal of success meeting people. All that changed 2 months ago, and since then i have met up with about 7 guys. i dont know what happened to change the situation but let's put it this way like the song goes a whole lot of sucking going on or some such thing. this sight has changed my life and turned a bi curious guy into a bi guy. believe me if you haven't tried it do nothing like it all you staight8 guys out there contact me let me show you what it's all about guaranteed you will love it, the same as i do
rm_tornillon dijo
Todo empeso cuando estaba en primero de secundaria y tenia una compañera con la que rosones amorosos como besos y una que otra carisia en las partes nobles pero un dia salimos temprano de clases y ella me acompaño a mi casa por que me iba a cambiar de ropa y subimos a mi cuarto y yo tenia una exitacion por que yo deseaba tenerla hasta ese momento yo no habia tenido relaciones sexuales pero ella tenia un novio mas grande que ella con el cual ella cojia y ella me platicaba como se la cojia, en tonses me venia a la mente que yo podia cojer con ella, cuando llegamos al cuarto me dijo que me cambiara de ropa en frente de ella pero cuando me baje los pantalones no pude esconder mi exitacion, tenia el pene que rebentaba de inchado y ella me pidio que me acercara y yo la obedeci, ella saco mi pene del calson y se lo llevo a la boca me dio una mamada que en menos de un minuto su boca estaba saboreando el poco semen que hasta esa edad me salia, despues me pidio que le regresara el favor cosa que acedi, tenia una vagina guerita, tan limpia y con sus bellos cortitos, la mame hasta que se vino, luego me jalo hacia ella , la bese en la boca, los pechos y ella tomo mi pene con su mano y se lo metio en su vaginita, la coji asi por un rato y luga se puso de perrito, le pase la lengua por toda la espalda hasta llegar al cuello y en toses se lo meti pero era tal la exitacion que teniamos que en pocos mevimientos nos venimos los dos y nuestros gemidos se mesclaron fue una primera vaz que nunca se me ba a olvidar.
rm_pumpingangel dijo
its about 4 months that i joined the Fuck Book Sex one night while surfing in this room a message pop up on the screen saying hello so i answered hi for several exchanges of greetings she ask me if i want to meet her but hesitantly i look at the time its almost midnight so first i decided not to see her but on the second thought i like it so i went to the place where she asked me to see her i immediately rode then proceed to the place where she told me luckily i arrive there very fast so i waited for some minutes, i told to myself that she was only joking but alas now here she comes with some several conversations we proceeded and laid it was a wonderful and great morning this is my first to experience this thing here in this room thanks for Fuck Book Sex.
rm_RGnTG dijo
We are living proof that meeting people on the internet is possible in spite of all the bad publicity in the media. We met in an internet chatroom, talked for months before making the decision to meet face-to-face. When we finally met, it was love at first sight and knew we were meant to be with each other forever. We dated for about a year, I traveled about a hundred miles just to be with my sweetheart. Finally in 2002, my sweetie moved in with me and in September of that year we were married. We now enjoy a great life together, forever and always. RGnTG
rm_foghorn295 dijo
Everyone here at Fuck Book Sex is in search of something. We all have our reasons and the great thing about an adult site is we can be ourselves. No one to criticize us or condemn us. This is my second time to Fuck Book Sex. On the first I found a wonderful friend that I had a very fulfilling relationship with for about a year. Our needs changed as time moved on and so did we. She finally divorced the man that she was married to and found someone to give her the full time love she wanted. I met him and I think that they will be great together. I am very happy for her. I write this article as a success story. When I first came on Fuck Book Sex I wasn’t sure what to expect. I e-mailed a number of different women trying to find someone compatible. Some were nice and others were a little too far out there for me. It took Rhonda and I about a month of e-mailing before we deicided to meet. We had already been upfront about what each other was looking for, so that when we met there would be no surprises. We met for lunch the first time and it only took 10 minutes for me to know she was the one. I tried to watch her eyes to get a hint of what she was thinking but could not find a clue. When lunch was over we thanked each other for a good time and left. I figured that would probably be the end of it and left very disappointed. To my surprise when I returned to work I had already received an e-mail from her. She stated that she had a great time and wanted to know when we could get together again. Since we were both married it was about 2 weeks before we got together. Before we did, we laid some ground rules down. Number 1, being that when one of us said it was over that was it, no arguments. Second, keep it about sex and nothing else. Truth, respect, and maybe a little luck is what helped me find what I needed here at Fuck Book Sex. Rhonda has moved on and I am back once again looking. Rhonda was not the love of my life but, she was a great lover and will always be a friend. I doubt if I will have that luck again but only time will tell.
saltydog74 dijo
I've been writing for a couple of weeks to another member on Fuck Book Sex. We met yesterday and had perfect chemistry. We spent the day talking, visiting a museum, watching a movie, snuggling and kissing the evening away. Today we plan to see each other again and may spend the night together. Thank you for providing this service.
NewLifeGirl37 dijo
MY THREE BEST FRIENDS I have been an active chatting member with Adult Friend Finder for well over 4 years now. The pleasure of meeting new and exciting people allllllll mine of course. I guess the biggest success story I have to tell you about is how Fuck Book Sex has had an affect on my own personal life. Four years ago I stumbled across your website while divorcing my husband of 8 years. I was very vulnerable and an ez target for the many predators that exist today. Since this time......with the many experiences I've encountered I have learned to be a much stronger person both in my work environment and home life. I no longer let people who "think" they can bully others around take advantage of me or others. Due to your company and your website I have once again found my 3 best friends! ME MYSELF and I........and for that I truly and deeply thank-you!
badboy1240 dijo
I'm a single guy. Now that being said we are a dime a dozen. However, I have been fortunate enough to make and meet several couples here and one exceptional lady. I thoroughly enjoyed the MFM and continue to visit with two of the couples. Those I met live in Texas. There must be a thing about Texas because that is where I seem to convince them that distance is not a problem. I travel free as a former airline employee. I will tell you one thing ladies when you get done by two guys I honestly believe your sex life blossoms. And mine has over bloomed. I got the best blow jobs with the assistance of husbands encouraging ya'll in my life. Both of the females were apprehensive but now they are very kind to welcome me back. I think its because I don't push and I sincerely try to put them at ease. I am not as young as I used to be but my orgasms are better than ever. I can also play long and hard. I have fucked and sucked one gal that much that I haven't missed tasting and savoring every bit of her body. I came on her tits(the hugh twins), I came in her mouth, and I came almost everywhere. She could be a sperm bank. Any how I'm just rambling but thanx to Fuck Book Sex I'm hard and whore knee for a long time to cum.
rm_ackita dijo
hola soy un chavo de 26 años y no estoy muy bien dotado que digamos pero eso no me afecta porque soy muy cochinon en la cama. tengo una amiga que le gusta como se lo ago y acada rato me pide que le aga el amor, esto se lo a contado a sus amigas y sus amigas me buscan mucho para llevarmelas a la cama.poreso amigo no te acomplejes de el tamaño de tu pene todo depende de como lo agas.

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