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rm_amybunz dijo
I met hot-willtravel on Fuck Book Sex in October 2002. We live a couple of hours apart and he travels for business so it took us several months to hook up for lunch. Following that lunch in Janaury of 2003 I received an email that said he'd like to go out some evening and have a good time. Again, between his work schedule and my family commitments, it was October before our first date. We passed the months in between sending hot pictures and hot email. Our first date was to a Canadian strip club - a story in itself. Since that date over a year ago, we have joined two swing clubs together, met several couples and had one great time after another. I now have a circle of friends that keep me company while he is travelling. We have enjoyed the past year swinging together (even more stories), bringing fantasies to life and enjoying our sexuality. I think this might be what someone had in mind when they created Fuck Book Sex!
sexysililoquist dijo
I will say when I first joined Fuck Book Sex I was a bit taken aback by the, what I preceived to be, callous nature with which people treated sex. I have come to believe that sex between consenting adults, while not the moral high road, is definitely an alternative to being alone. I have met some lunatics on here and some good ones and am "seeing" a few from here now. I appreciate the opportunity to come to a place where I know what the men want and I know I can ask certain things in return w/o having to hear "If you really loved me" as a general cop-out from a whiny partner. I also enjoy the open forum in which to freely express thoughts and ideas regarding sex w/o worrying I will be looked at as inappropriate or sick. Thanks Fuck Book Sex.
SKnight91 dijo
I've messaged a number of ladies on Fuck Book Sex without success until I met one particular woman... we chatted via email briefly, and when we met in person, she was a great conversationalist, and cute on top of it all! :) Shortly thereafter, we had our first sexual encounter... and this woman was WILD! Vocal, passionate, enthusiastic, adventurous, and experimentative all in one! We became fast friends and enjoy each other's company as often as we can! We also give each other the best sex either one of us has ever had! She loves the fact that we can go on for hours, and I completely wear her out! Thank you Fuck Book Sex! :D
rm_603munchable dijo
Fuck Book Sex has been very good to me. I joined in August of 2004 and have had many encounters with many different men, all but one of which has been a positive experience. I've had ample opportunity to suck and fuck a lot of wonderful men. As a BBW, this has been especially rewarding, since I never realized there were so many chubby chasers out there!
rm_usedcock2 dijo
i was talking to a lady i met on this site and only looking for fun. I got talking to her the first month in december on the net. her name is teresa and she lives in the usa and i live in england. i found out that i love her and on new years day she told me she has fallen head over heels in love with me and i also told her how i felt. so while we was chatting till the early hours i asked her to marry me and she accepted. My heart beats really fast when she talks to me, as i love her with all my heart. we are getting married in the usa and then she is coming to england to renew her vows over here for my family and then we are moving to usa for six months and then england for six months. so the moral is to my story is you can find true love when you least expect it. we are planning to start a family real soon and i will love them as much as i love my princess
happybunny755 dijo
I met a swm from the site the day after thanksgiving. We hit it off immediately, but it was one of those things where it gets hot quick and fizzles out even quicker. We dated for about a month, and I had some of the best orgasms of my life during the time he and I spent together. I was glad that Fuck Book Sex introduced us, and am hoping I can meet another guy that fulfills me like he did soon...
HairyBackBasterd dijo
First had email contact for a month & then a few phone conversations, We first meet at a Mexican Rest, Met again, had the fire going & my little noodle on hard. I should be more agresive, & was hard to read. I did have a great time. Spending time & having relations w/out strings or expectations was very relaxing. I didn't have a box of goodies -- "still in storage" -- like my oils & twister. I needed the oils for her back rub, prob gave her an Indian burn, needs to get his box of goodies. Hoping to have more encounters & spend time on the lake behind the house w/ several of you women.
coquin_du_64 dijo
Je me suis incrit au mois de décembre sur le site sans vraiment penser pouvoir rencontrer une personne. Je me disait que j'allais surtout faire de la correspondance chaude. Et puis au bout de une semaine, je reçoit une réponse. Elle a 50 ans (grande, mince, cheveux long et super fessié) et me demander pourquoi un "jeune" de 24 ans s'intérrésé à une "vielle" de 50 ans. C'est ainsi qu'a commencer l'histoire avec cette femme. Apres quelque mail hot, et des dial par msn, on c'est donner rendez-vous dans un hotel restaurent d'une aire de repos a quelque kilometre de son lieu de résidence. J'ai donc pris la route (180km) pour la rejoindre. Apres un repas simple a parler de nos passion dans la vie, on pris la direction de notre chambre (qu'elle avait réservé - merci pas puce). Une fois dans la chambre, j'ai pris un grand plaisir a la déshabiller, d'abort le haut, pour découvrir ces sein dans une soutient-gorge noir transparent. Tous en douceur, je lui est sucé le sein et ces tétons, je les est carresser, manger telle a affamé. Puis j'ai déboutonner les jean pour découvrir une jolie culotte noir et des bas avec porte-jartelle (je lui avais dit que j'aimais les sous-vetements sexy). Tout en continuent a lécher ces sein, ma main droite a carreser son ventre, ces jambe. je suis descendu en l'embressent le long du ventre pour arriver a son entre-jambe. humm, quelle belle chatte vois-je sous mes yeux. Je retire sa cullotte, porte jarette et bas pour lui manger la chatte déjà humide. Je leche, je suce, j'aspire. elle gémi de mes carresses. J'ai envie de la faire jouir. Tout en sucant, je lui met un doigt. Elle a un petit sursaut. Je comprend que la pénétration lui fait beaucoup d'éffet. J'enfonce un deuxieme doiht et la branlé lentement puis de plus en plus fort. Elle ondule du bassin, gémi et essai de l'empécher de continuer mais je m'accroche et la fait jouir. ma main gauche est toute humide de sécrétion. Elle me demande de m'allonger, ce que je fait. elle me carresse le torse, me fait plein de baiser partout tous en décendent lentement. arriver a mon sexe, elle le prend en main et commence a le sucé le gland. La douceur de sa bouche me donne une forte sensation. Avec sa main droite, elle me caresse les couille et l'intérieur des cuisses. hummm que c'est bon. Une fois ma bite raide, elle m'enjambe et sa caresse la chatte (raser) avec le bout de ma bite, puis lentement ce baisse pour la faire rentrer. Une fois tous mon sexe gonfler de désir en elle. elle est une pause pour la savourer et commence a monter et décendre. Sentir la chaleur de sa chatte et la voir les yeux ferme, gémi doucement me fait énormement plaisir. Au bout d'un moment elle m'enlace tous en continuent a faire des ve-et-vient. nos corp unis nous procure du bien. sentent la jouissance arriver (elle). Elle se redresse, les main derrier le dos posé sur mes genou et entame des va-et-vient plus rapide jusqu'a jouir. Fatiguer d'avoir joui, elle s'allonger sur le lit. je continu a la caresse meme l'entre-jambe, mais me demnande arrété car ca lui fait mal. Coquin comme pas deux, je continu. Je lui demande ce que je peut faire, et elle me dit de jouir en elle. Je lui présente ma queue pour la rendre droite avec sa bouche. Une fois raide, je me glisse entre ces cuisses et enfonce ma bite dans sa chatte. allonger sur elle, je la pillonne. Le bruit des claquements de nos bassin et ces gémissement a on oreille m'excite. Apres environ 5 min, j'éjacule au fond de son antre. Elle souhaite dormir car elle est fatigué. On éteint la lumiere et on s'endort blotie l'un contre l'autre pour sentir la chaleur de la peau de l'autre. 1h30 du matin, je me réveiller (c'est l'heure ou d'habitude je me lève - je suis boulanger). Je glisse ma main gauche pour carresse son ventre et ces seins. Elle bouge et commence a un peu gémir. je décend a sa chatte encore humide de la veille et commence a lui carresser le clitoris, au bout de 3 min, elle écarte les cuisse, signe que elle est réveille et que j'ai le feu vert. Je glisse ma bite dans son vagin et commence mais va-et-vient. Elle gémi de plus en plus. Je lui caresse son amus et j'ai envie d'y rentrer aussi. Je prend le tube de gel dans mon jean (au cas ou) et lui met une noisette sur la porte secret. J'enfonce un doigt, puis deux avant de décidé de lui mettre ma bite. C'est comme ca dans le noir, elle recroviller, je je lui pénétré l'anus. Je commence mes mouvement. Ma bite compréssé et mes main sur ces sein me donne beaucoup de plaisir. Elle me dit d'aller doucement et me dit que ca la dérange pas la sodomie mais quelle éprouve pas de plaisir par là. Pas de probleme.Je sort et lui remet un doigt, puis deux puis trois, et meme un quartième. Je veut la fair jouir. Je me met a lui branlé la chatte avec 3 doigt comme un fou. Elle bouge dans tous les sens avant de jouir et me suplit d'arrete. Avant d'arrete, de décide de jouir moi aussi. Je lui pénétre la chatte pour de long va et vient a la fois rapide et cour avec des acous vif et profond jusqu'a jouir encore dans sa chatte. On se rendort. 6h50. je me réveille. je la carresse, mais refuse de faire l'amour et de jouir car elle doit le levé travailler. Elle se laver, on s'habiller et ce quitte en se prométtent de se revoir régulièrement.

merci le site. merci b..b.. pour le plair que tu m'a donner.
rm_maniobrero dijo
en esta anecdota quiero aser mencion en el respeto que mantengo acia las mugeres como personas empesare por recordar un biaje de trabajo en el bello puerto de veracruz en ese biaje pude conocer el puerto y como a un serbidor le gusta el buen ambiente de un buen baile cumbia o salsa de preferencia y la vida nocturna sali ese dia en busca de un salon de baile y una pareja de mismas intenciones al entrar al salon era bar familiar y tenia un letrero que decia que no servian mas de 4 copas por mesa llegue ala mesa y pedi un refresco ala mesera que estaba de buen ver me miro media extrañada por la peticion pues esperaba alguna orden de copeo, le pedi su nombre y me respondio el cual me reserbo por lo antes mencionado, al empesar a buscar pareja note que no abia muchas personas unas 8 o 10 entonses inbite ala mesera a platicar por motibo de falta de clientela asepto platicamos amenamente e insisti en invitarla a bailar aseptando un poco desconcertada pues era un extraño en ese lugar e imbitandole asta unas copas bailaba cadencioso y a un ritmo que atraia y llamaba la atencion, pregunte lla entrados en copas pues nos tomamos cerca de dies y bariadas, aque ora salia de trabajar mecontesto que al alrededor de las 4:30am y al checar la ora eran lla las 2:45 y le propuse acompañarla asu casa cosa que rechaso pero en cambio comento "tu me caes bien eres tranquilo"le agradeci el cumplido con un beso de estilo frances y agrego "eso estubo bueno" y seguimos bailando asta las 4:00 pues era ora de aser el corte en ese momento ella me pidio que la esperara ala buelta de la esquina fui medio intrigado por la ora estube esperando al rededor de unos 25 minutos asta pense en que iba aser victima de un asalto pero en ese momento aparecio ella con una mini que permitia ver sus ermosos y tersos muslos llebaba un top negro y una sudadera en mano pues aunque es caliete el puerto ese dia asia fresco se aserco a donde me encotraba me abraso por el cuello yo no dige nada pues estaba ala espectativa se aserco ami busco mi boca tratando de repetir el beso anterior al cual aora imprimia mas calor y entusiasmo no ubo dialogos solo un sabroso y rico cachondeo ella comenso a deslisar sus manos por mi espalda mientras yo lo acia en su cintura bajando yo mis manos de momento a donde termina su espalda y si que estaba bien distribuida esa parte luego paso sus manos al frente colocandolas en mi pecho y comenso a bajarlas yo ya estaba ardiendo con una tremenda ereccion empeso a bajar mi bragueta metio una mano y empeso a acariciar mi birilidad arancandome un pequeño gemido y asta de del intento de asalto me olbide. a dos calles se encontraba un hotel lo abia visto antes de entrar al salon y fuimos acia el ya con los animos en plena calentura. alo cual pido una disculpa por motibos de tiempo me tengo que retirar pero el dia de mañana conclullo este relato grasias por su comprecion y paciencia
rm_bronce3 dijo
te imagino adormilada oruga envuelta en blancas sabanas, abrazado por tus muslos... alimentandote de mi semen, tu piel caliente derrite mi pasion en freneticos besos... succionas mi aliento casi hasta la muerte, y el vaiven extenuante de tu cuerpo, humedece mi piel de salobre sudor, tus manos crispadas en mi espalda, marcan un ritmo acompasado lleno de gemidos... tus ojos semiabiertos despiden llamas de pasion.
ladyandyankee dijo
When I left my exhusband I didn't really know how to get back into this dating thing. I signed up on alot of sights just to see what was out there, boy was I in for a rude awakening. There were so few men that had all the qualities that I desired. Finally it seemed that he just fell into my lap. I winked at him one night and he seemed truly interested but only for friendship because he had a long distance relationship. He just wanted someone to do things with to fill his time. Well I thought ok why not at least I'd be getting out and having some fun. Little did I know that we would spend every day and nite together for the next week and not know what we were to do. Him feeling guilty and actually upset because he isn't like all the dogs out there and he just became what he hated. But somehow I knew if I just held out we could eventually have something pretty terrific. Our sex life was unbelievable, day, night, 3 times a day, it just didn't stop we were both crazy for it. Well, needless to say that long term relationship he had that was also long distance seemed to get worse because he was so happy with me. I gave him everything he wanted and each time he visited her she did nothing to keep his fire burning. Slowly he found the strength to cut it off with her and now we have each other. We live together and are planning our future. Don't let anyone tell you to give up if the man your with is what you want, if he gives you the love and sex that you need and all the other important things, its worth the chance. I would have never known that I could have this if I hadn't kept fighting for his love. We have found that we have all these desires and interest for fun and exciting sex which brings us even closer. When the jealousy isn't even something in your life its so fantastic.
rm_Halfbreed1964 dijo
on December 24, 2004, I met the man for me on this site. We chatted, met and had a wonderful time together. He is the man for me.. He is the most wonderful person to be with and we rang in the New Year with a bang, thank you so much for the connection.
rm_narizon21 dijo
cuando iba de vacasiones al rancho de mi tio el tiene una ija ma ome nos de mi edad que era muy bonita en ese tiempo yo teia 22 a隳s y ella 20 eramos solteros siempre que iba ella me provocaba mucho y yo me acia el tonto como que no queria nada con ella pero un dia nos dejaron solos mi tio se fue a buscar unas vacas que se abian perdido y mi tia se fue de comprasen el pueblo pues yo estaba viendo la tele y mi prima se entro a ba鎙ry yo muy fisgon asecho en la rendija de la llave de la puerta y veo a mi prima quitandose la ropa el brasier y de ultimo elcalzon uy dije que bonitas piernas tiene mi prima y tenia un monton de vellos su rajita y yo estaba muy exitado que ya mero se me revienta los pantalones y derepente ella enpiesa a ba鎙rse uyy que rica cosita estoy viendo se estba masturbando vi como appetaba sus pesones que estaban bien grandes y yo no me aguantaba y yo con tana precion no me di cuenta y resbalecolpeando la puerta del ba隳 y ella pregunto 穌uien esta ahi? y yo le conteste yo prima y ella que abre la puerta del ba隳 y me ve que estoy bien agitado y me jala en el ba隳 y empesoa quitarme la ropa la camisa primero y despues los pantalones de ultimo la trusa y ella empieza a besarme primero los labios y se fue bajando en mis pechos y yo apretando sus chichas que ricoy se bajo hasta mi pene que estaba bien erecto y empezo a mamarlo uyyyy que rico ya casi me esplotaba y le dije ahora me toca a mi y empese abesarle los pesones que estaban bien duros y le meti la mano por su rajadita que estaba bien mojada calietita que rico se sentia y me diji ya no aguanto mas damelo todo y me sente en el basin con mi pene bien erecto y ella se sienta ensima de mi pene senti como se iba metiendo mi pene en su vajina que estaba bien humeda y empiezo a bombearla y ella a moverse mas rapidoy eela empeso a jadear y me decia que rico dame mas mas apretaba mi cabesa en sus pechos y yo a mamarselo que rica sensacionmetemelo mas decia y mi verga ya mero esplotaba de20cm llego a 22cm y todavia ella pedia mas y le dije levantate y enpinate la enpine que bonito trazero tenia redonditas y yo que se lo acomdoen su rajita poco a poco iba entrando mi pene despues que entro todo empiezo a bombearla hasta que ella grito de plaser mas mas ya casi termino sentia como me apretaba la verga estaba bien chiquita su rajadita despues senti como ella teminaba empeso a salir su jugo estaba bien calientita cuando senti que ya termino yo empese a bomberla mas rapido para terminar igual con ella que rica experiensa tuve ese dia y dede entonses cada vez que podemos nos echabamos rapidin asi estuve cogiendola durante dos a隳s ella busco nvio y se caso aora ya tiene 3 ijos pero no crean que son mios siempre me cuidaba y ella tambien para no delatarnos . espero que no los alla fastidiado con mi relato ok nos vemos
tiger0113 dijo
I have been a member of Fuck Book Sex for long now...but never had a real encounter, coz being in India (it's more of guys posing as women, or if you are lucky you get a girl/woman who will look for cash in return (a whore)... anyway I got to interact with this woman "sexywoman1958", lucky again I had a trip to her city, we met for coffee and it just went really hot way... we were back in my room over each other, clothes flying and straight into 69ing... we sucked and fucked eachother the night away in all kindda positions... it was a real experience and now my belief of Fuck Book Sex being just a joke is over (sorry for this)... now I believe in the site and look forward to meet more hot people like sexywoman1958...
HairyBackBasterd dijo
Met a lay on here a few weeks ago, we've had email cats then phone conversations & have met up twice now for quiet discrete encounters. We've had a good time & haven't had any troubles w/ jeliousy or getting strings attached. I should've signed up long ago.
rm_FreekeeDiva dijo
I have met many women and a few couples here. Each woman I've chatted with and met are really cool and knows how treat another woman. The two couples I've been with were both very attentive and fun. We did alot of things that I've only seen in porn movies. I thought I was freaky but I have been taken to another level of freakiness.
rm_nymph_girl dijo
After being on and off Fuck Book Sex for approximately five years, I had all but given up hope of meeting a great guy with similar values and views on sex through this site. However, after rejoining last month, I started to get a lot of responses to my ad. One in particular stood out and we arranged to meet. What a great guy! This man is exceptionally attractive, fun, educated, kind, and very sexual. We've only been seeing each other for a short time but we are enjoying getting to know each other and look forward to experiencing some new things as a couple. So, for those of you who are discouraged about your quest, keep at it, it could work out for you too!!
rm_ibtrker dijo
About 6 or 7 months ago I filled out a profile on Fuck Book Sex as a lark. I never thought anything would come of it. One day I started to get some messages that there were a few women interested in meeting so I became a Gold member to see what would happen. In the process I made a few friends in here, but no chemistry at first. Then, as I was looking through the member's photos, I came up on 1taj's photo and profile. What happened next was way beyond anything I had expected. I wrote her a short letter explaining that I used to live not to far from her and that I would like to go out with her and have dinner. We clicked as soon as we met. Our conversations were lively and fun. We 'fit' together (for lack of a better term). Even though we had just met, we felt as though we had known each other all our lives. We met on the Monday before Thanksgiving and have been together every weekend since then. We spent Christmas together with her youngest son who was visiting from college in Utah and had a wonderful time. I am not sure just where this is going, but we are both feeling that this may be permanent in the future. I even bought her her own star, and had it named after her. (If anyone wants more info on that, e-mail me). So this is where we are at this time and we both agree that there is no end in sight, just a long future. 1taj has made me very happy and to all of you in Fuck Book Sex, I wish you the same success that we have had.
penetrador770 dijo
bueno mi historia no es buena no he podido consguir a alguien aqui que quiera estar unos momentos agradables espero algun dia estar aqui diciemdoles lo contrario adios hermosas mujeres donde estan quiero sexo
rm_severine19a dijo
je voudrais dire qu'il est tres difficile d'avoir des réponses qui correspondent a ce que l'on recherche vraiment.Beaucoup ne voient que la photo, qui certes compte beaucoup, mais chacun a ses propres fantasmes a assouvir et on espere pouvoir les réaliser en venant sur ce site....d'autre part, l'anglais est de mise, et pour nous francaise, il est parfois difficile de parler sexe et plaisirs dans une autre bien sur les anglo saxons sont en énorme majorité faudrait créer un site ou nous puissions comprendre, donc en francais pour nous, ce que d'autres recherchent au travers nous...ce qui pourrais parfois correspondre a notre recherche tout le monde se comprenait..!que de plaisirs nous éprouverions avec des gens de toute la planete... bisous Severine
LookN4TNfun dijo
I moved to North Carolina in July not knowing anyone other than the people I would be working with. I had been on Fuck Book Sex a little bit in the past, but had not met anyone. Shortly after getting back on here, I met a great guy. We exchanged emails a few times, chatted online then decided to go out one evening. That was four months ago. We are still seeing each other and having a wonderful time. We have met several other couples on Fuck Book Sex since then and are getting to know them. Lots of nights when we're lying in bed after a wonderful time together, we'll just say "Thanks Fuck Book Sex" and smile. Through the site, we've found not just great sex, but love as well. Thank you Fuck Book Sex!
bifstr8male4cpl dijo
Hello we have been with at least 5 cpls in the past year and they have been awesome they were not pushy, overbearing, but respectful and they were so totally understanding and out of all the chats emails we have begun a strong friendship with other cpls and hope they will blossom into something out of this world. S&C
rm_plustwomore dijo
We've met a few couples now and although the sex was good, it was crazy afterwards when we were on our own. Fuck Book Sex works for us, looking foward to meeting moe people.
pussy_eater73 dijo
This month marks the one year anniversary of me actively using Fuck Book Sex. In this time, I've had the pleasure of meeting and having sex with 13 women from the site. Now, being a very busy person who doesn't have a lot of time to date, this exceeded my best expectations! With minimal effort, I've been able to keep a very active sex life and not disrupt my personal, everyday busy schedule. Just imagine if I had put more time into trying to find women on this site. I have no doubt I could have doubled the number of women I've met so far. In fact, I've had to turn down a few potential dates because of my busy schedule. One great thing about Fuck Book Sex is that I've been able to fulfill some long held sexual fantasies, too. In the past year, I've finally lived out my fantasy of having interracial sex. I've been with a few African-American women as well as an American Indian and an Asian woman. I've also fulfilled a secret desire to be with a married woman. Another fantasy that Fuck Book Sex helped me to live out is being with a much older women. I'm 31, but I was able to hook up with a woman slightly older than my mother. And, finally, I also fulfilled one of my wildest sexual fantasies by actually (and I swear upon my soul this is true) meeting a college co-ed and having sex with her in her dorm room! About the only fantasy I have yet to fulfill is having two women at the same time. But, with a little effort, I have no doubt that Fuck Book Sex will help me bring that fantasy to a reality, too. I should say that I'm just an average looking guy with an average sized penis. The fact is that Fuck Book Sex can get you laid no matter how you look. I found that just being honest and posting pics of yourself (and your 'manhood') seems to work the best. Don't try to be something you're not. That could lead to disappointment when you do meet someone. I'm grateful to Fuck Book Sex for helping me realize some of my most erotic sexual fantasies and I look forward to using the site for the next year and reporting back on all of my successes. I have no doubt that this year will be better than the last!
bigmeatpackage dijo
The success came over me when my perception changed thanks, in part, to Fuck Book Sex. It was when I got over the idea that I was ugly and no women on the planet wanted to look at my profile/pictures. Then I just started talking to women at the pub the other night and they were responding! I had three offers, four hugs, two kisses on the lips, and talked to the most beautiful bisexual woman for what seemed like hours. I didn't go home with any of these women because I was talking to the bi all night and foolishly, recklessly falling in love with her. The funny part is that she was the bartender's lover and I was stealing her heart right there on the spot. She will call me and I will put my best foot forth to impress her and finesse her. So you see guys who are suffering from the notion that you are ugly and women don't want you.......forget about it! Just be yourself, don't get so drunk that you are slurring your words and falling all over her, and you will discover that your inner beauty will lead you into the wonders that you have always been afraid to go. In summary, just spontaneously start being nice to a woman you see noticing you, then let your inner beauty do the rest and I promise that will be a dramatic change in your love life. Sincerely, a scholar, engineer, philosopher, chess player, poet, horndog and gentleman with a new found love for life.
monica522 dijo
I'm a cd and never gone out with a man before. I wanted to try it.I finally met someone after countless e-mails and time coordinations. We arranged to meet at a motel. I got there early to get dressed. I was so nervous I had trouble putting my makeup on but finally got it right. I wore my sexy red and black thong, garter belt, black stockings, 4" red heels, black pushup bra with a red teddy over it. Put my wig on and combed it just right and finished it off with long dangling earrings. I put on my leather mini and my sheer white blouse. I looked slutty. The knock came at the prearranged time and I opened the door. In came this tall great looking guy. I melted right away. What a gentleman. He poured some wine and we discussed my first time situation and how he would respect my limits. I think by the way I was dressed there wouldn't be any. He sat next to me and began by leaning over and kissing me. I was amazed by how good that felt. I didn't think I would like it but I was getting turned on. He then started stroking my leg finally ending up rubbing my already hard cock. He asked if I was ready for him and I said yes. He stood up and undressed in front of me. When he finally got his pants off I was presented with my first cock. It was beautiful. I dropped to my knees and reached up and took hold of it. It was quite a sensation holding another man's cock for the first time. He asked if I was okay with it and I said oh yes. I leaned forward and kissed it, then licked it, then I opened wide and took it in my mouth. He put his hands on my shoulders and he started sliding it back and forth in my mouth. I began sucking harder and wrapped my arms around his hips. He was picking up the pace when he told me he was going to cum. He asked if I was ready and I nodded not wanting to let it out of my mouth. His cum gushed out and I took it all swallowing every bit. I was in heaven. What a feeling. He layed on the bed and I went to tidy myself back up. I applied more lipstick and went back to him. I asked if I did alright and he said I was good and couldn't believe it was my first time. I assured him it was. Now I said what else can we do. He told me if I was willing to get him hard again we could explore anal sex. I could try that and sucking him to an erection was easy. He had me get up on my hands and knees and he applied lube to his fingers then to my ass. He inserted one finger then two and I was primed and ready. I watched him put on his condom, then he pointed his cock at my ass. I felt the pressure, then the pain as he slid it in . I was pulling away but his grip on my hips was tight. He held me there until I was ready and got use to the feel then he began moving it again. He told me to relax and let him do the work. The pain began to subside and I foung myself grunting to his thrusts. Then it hit me I was getting fucked by this georgous guy and I was turned on. I started meeting his thrusts and found myself begging him to fuck me harder. He let out this groan and I felt him cumming. He pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to me. I think we both slepted a bit then got up and dressed. I layed there on the bed and he came over and kissed me goodbye. He asked if he could recommend me to a friend. I was a little shocked but then said why not. He said he would get in touch.
mor2luv2 dijo
I met the man of my dreams last month..Although i am married (not happily). Met this man through Fuck Book Sex. He blew my mind away in the bedroom. He taught me the fine art of anal sex..which i said i would never do...And now i love it..I got drunk on wine over a week ago and told my old man I had an affair..And that I was falling in love with this man that I had not known long. After a lot of heated arguments he is willing to have an open relationship.He just does not want a divorce and I could use this time to find out more about my lover. He is the best man I have met and wished I had met him long before.As the old saying goes "good things happen to those who wait".. He is my prince charming for sure. Thanks Fuck Book Sex for sending him to me.
bbw4youngercock1 dijo
I had joined other adult dating sites in both the past and present and either never met anyone from them, got messages from guys just playing head games and/or if I did meet anyone, they weren't anything like they had described themselves, not to mention--in a polite sense--the sex wasn't anything more than five-minute fucks that I had to end up getting myself off after they'd dressed and gone. But Fuck Book Sex is another story! Within the last two weeks, I had met six REALLY HOT guys that were more talk than action and was more than sexually satisfied each time. One either brought a friend of his and I got to spend over two hours having one of the best MMF threesomes I'd had in a long time. I am still scheduled to meet two more guys later this week and I cannot wait! Wow!
BiSexynhot dijo
Thanks to Fuck Book Sex and my husband's support, I met a superb woman whith which we have a real hot relation... I never expected that so much passion could ever exist between two women. I'm over the moon! Just thinking of her makes me soooo wet..... There are a lot of phoneys around but, for me, it was worth waiting. After that I am more in love with my husband than ever and very much in love with my girlfriend. Thank you both and thank you Fuck Book Sex.
nighthawk750s dijo
Well. I have been a member of Fuck Book Sex for about 3 years now. I have contacted many people and gotten back very few replies. Most of them just reply with a web site to their own personal paying web site. As well as some just say hi and then nothing else.
I thought it was because of what I have said on my profile. So I have changed my words many times and I have changed my pictures also. I have had no luck at all meeting anyone on this site.
I guess my question for people on Fuck Book Sex "Is there anyone who is telling the true on there profile and who is also honest and respectful of other people. I am sick and tired of all the liars on this site.
It seems to me that no one wants to take the time to get to talk to someone and get to know them more than just want they say on their profile.
handydandy_45 dijo
I have enjoyed four over the past three years: C&K(couple) threesome which was my first MFM. I was really good. K really got turned on by having two pentrations at the same time. She was wonderfull pleasureing with her hands, mouth and thight holes:) Carla: what can I say. She was the best experienced older lady I have every enjoyed being pleasured by and pleasuring. We did it every where and everything:) Joan: the youngest lady I have enjoyed the pleasure of knowing:) she was very tight and always willing to cum several times. She had such sweet tasting juices and the largest clit I enjoyed to this point. Eileen: My last lady: What a fire cracker. She was the first that I had enjoyed mutliples with. She would just keep cumming as long as I keep riding her. She had the most sensitive body to pleasure I have every experinced. We enjoyed many times together filling her holes. Well those are the good stories. I have never had a bad one. I have responded to over 500 profiles though. Wish there where just more ladies that where real in what they are seeking. Dan
rm_laakky26 dijo
I found Fuck Book Sex through a friend, and wasn't really expecting too much. I am a bbw, and most guys aren't really into that in my area. However, I have found some of the most erotic, satisfying men ever through Fuck Book Sex. A few no call, no shows, but mainly GREAT experiences. I think it is totally worth being a GOLD member because you can contact the people that really are looking for you. With the wink system, it's nice to flirt, and play, w/o giving too much away. :) I'm thinking of getting more and more involved in Fuck Book Sex, and like the other sites that I have been directed to. The Mall is a great place to shop, being that I am in an isolated part of the country. I am so thankful to Fuck Book Sex for all the wonderful fulfillment, the connections have brought me. Thanks Fuck Book Sex.
rm_beckxy747 dijo
I've had 2 great experiences from Fuck Book Sex members, made great friends here too. I've satisfied all my fantasys here, now hoping to forfill another!
rm_cas16574 dijo
LLevo menos de un mes inscrito, en las primeras dos semanas no pasaba nada, y estaba por cancelar mi cuenta. Pero apareció ella... Sexi_Kassandra...
Apareció su perfil, y nuestra compatibilidad de 100 puntos me animó a escibirle, me respondió, y nos pusimos en contacto.
Intercambiamos unos correos, nos contamos historias eroticas... en fin conociendonos antes de establecer una cita.
El momento de conocernos llegó, nos citamos en un bar discreto... apareció ella, la foto de su perfil solo era una probadita de lo deliciosa que en realidad es; ataviada en un vestido negro, con un escote que dejaba ver sus exhuberantes pechos, entallado, largo, con una abertura en el costado mostrando un bien formado muslo... el nervio en ambos era notorio, nos saludamos con un beso en la mejilla, las comisuras de nuestras bocas se rozaron, y nos miramos con cierta lujuria... nuestros correos ya nos habian hecho pasar por extasis... nos pedimos unos tragos y platicamos un poco. Al termino de 3 o 4 tragos nos habiamos ya relajado, y platicabamos con soltura y decidimos entonces poner en practica lo que nos habiamos escrito con anterioridad. Nos fuimos en mi auto, llegamos a un motel, y desde antes de entrar al cuarto rompimos esa tension sexual de un primer encuentro, nos empezamos a besar apasionadamente. Las prendas se fueron quedando en el camino hasta la cama, ya desnudos encima de aquella cama nos entregamos asi, sin frenos, nuestros cuerpos unidos, sin preambulos ni juegos previos, era tal nuestro deseo; culminamos y minutos despues continuamos en la regadera; y al salir de la regadera ahora si pusimos en practica todo lo que nos escribimos, sexo oral, anal... fue una gran noche.... y todo gracias a Espero conocer mas gente asi, y a Sexi_kassandra... verla de nuevo.
ric6862 dijo
I have met some great people here. Some, I exchange erotic emails and pictures with. I recently got together with one couple for drinks. Then we came to my place. The lady, unfortunately, was having a period at the time. So, I let her husband screw my ass, and we gave each other blow jobs, as she took the pictures. He swallowed all my cum, but I didn't eat his, as I had never sucked cock before, or been screwed in the ass by a guy, for that matter. Join my network, and I'll put up a picture of me giving my first blowjob soon. We'll be getting together again, as the lady wants a double penetration, and we have other things we want to do. I have met another couple I will be getting together with for sex on Tuesday, and am really looking forward to it, as thier testimonys are all good. I guess this has opened horizons, as I never expected to enjoy being screwed in the ass by a guy, or giving a blow job, but I did. And hopefully I will be able share the fun with more members in the future.
cubanomex dijo
sin duda aprovechar al maximo de las caracteristicas que aporta como gestor de amistades el Fuck Book Sex, no nos resuelve todos los problemas que como personas traemos o encontramos en nuestro andar por la vida, pero si nos acerca a la felicidad, facilitandonos conocer gente maravillosa y de las mas diversas formas. a mi entender bien utilizado puede ayudar, mal empleado puede aburrir. saludos
SensualFriend4us dijo
My wife (allintheeyes49) and I (sensualfriend4us) joined Fuck Book Sex towards the tail end of this past summer (2004) in the hopes of meeting new friends, and perhaps finding some adventure along the way as we began our own personal quest to explore our sexuality as a couple. Shortly after joining Fuck Book Sex and getting the gist of how the site worked, and understanding its various benefits, we decided to form a group of our own to help in our journey to find like minded friends.
The group, Westchester NY Exchange was founded in September of this year (2004) with high hopes, and we have not been dissappointed. In a short span of about three months, we have grown from just the two of us as members to a group of over 200 people. Additionally, with the help of some really great (an active members) we held our first meet and greet at a nice place in White Plains in November, and will be holding our second group event the week before Christmas. Additionally, we are proud of the fact that our group seems geographically to provide people in three states (New York, New Jersey, and Ct.) with a well maintained safe group in which to connect with other like minded people here on Fuck Book Sex.
Watching friendships blossom, finding out that most of us in the group are just normal every day folks has really helped my wife and I grow as individuals, and as a couple. Fuck Book Sex and this group have helped us develop a whole new circle of friends that we have dinners with, talk on the phone with, and look forward to spending time with. I know that others in our group have found much the same treasures as we have, and it all happened because Fuck Book Sex provides a forum and a place for those of us with alternative views and lifestyles.
Thank You
grrreenmms dijo
We have had some interesting contacts using Fuck Book Sex in the past couple of weeks. We were excited about the large number and variety of interesting people living nearby. We can't wait to meet them in person!
rm_DevilsKiss42 dijo
Just wanted to write and tell you that I found the man I have been looking for. We met in the British Columbia chat room 3 months ago. We met at a near by restaurant and have been together ever since. I am looking forward to a wonderful life together and bright outlook to the future we can share together. Thank you Fuck Book Sex.... if it wasnt for your site I probably would never have met the man of my dreams. I am happy I am a member and wish everyone good luck in whatever it is they seek is possible to find someone here ... I Did and I am so very much in love ... it is so awesome and unbelieveable to be this happy ... but I truly am
hothole001 dijo
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wx731105 dijo
we meet a nice swm from here. we meet for drinks and dancing. we hit it off right away. we decided to go back to his house where we had more drinks .eventually he was sitting with my wife and holding and kissing her. she was so relaxed in his skillful hands. he took his time until they were completely naked. where he licked her fom head to toe. eventually he got on top of her and started fucking he slowly at first, he had a very nice cock long and thick. the sight of him penetrating my wife's shaved pussy was more than i could take so i got undressed and started masturbating, when he noticed he called me over then pulled out and told me to go first. which i did. she was so wet and hot. while i fucked her he licked and sucked her pussy and tits. soon i blew my load deep in her. i pulled out he quickly knelt between her legs and licked her clean then got on top and fucked her hard and deep. he made her cum several times before he blew his load in her. it was a great night and we are lookig for many more like it.
rm_BADJULI dijo
well ive only been on here for a few months at that and have met LOADS of suitable people.........ANBD get the best thing im only a standard member.............HOW COOL IS THAT?? XX
rm_petitenelly dijo
c clair que c un site vraiment tourner pour les anglophones , mais comment pourrions nous leur reprocher , en revanche , une traduction devrais etre proposer pour les non bilingues ; bien que parlant assez bien anglais , mon vocabulaire scientiphique et sexuel reste dans le vague et me procure encore plus de frustration de ne pas tout comprendre!! allez les gars , faites un efforts!
rm_J2004K dijo
EBNAEBNĂ lɃEBNԂ肱܂߂ɃbZ E#0091;W𑗂肷邱Ƃ|Cg ˁB܂łɂ̐lƃbZE#009 1;W肵AvʍK^E#009 3;荞ŗ肷̂łB͓o ^Œł`FbN Ǝv܂B
rm_goris3 dijo
es 12 años menor que yo tiene un miembro enorme me llena toda, es delicioso, la primera vez lo hicimos en el estaciomaniento que empezo a besar meter la mano entre mis piernes y con la otra apretarme las tetas, me empezo a desnudar, me mamo las tetas deliciosamente yo esta bien caliente, nos apresuramos a desnudarnos deseabamos cojer rico, le agarre el pito largo y grueso y se lo acaricie, se lo mame, le di mi panochita para que me lo mamara aaah que rico, estaba toda mojada y ahi en la camioneta me lo metio me dio unas embestidas deliciosas, me levanto las piernas y disfruamos como veiamos entrar y salir su rica verga mojada, me lo dio a mamarselo y me voltio para ponerme de perrito y me lo metio de nuevo hasta dentro, me daba unas embestidas con su gran miembro yo no queria que lo sacara, pero llego el orgasmo rico, despues lo saco y se lo mame
rm_tonyw02 dijo
Up until last July I thought I had wasted my money and time here after continuosly being ignored by the female population on this site. I ended up chatting to one girl within a few days we were planning a meeting between us, we are now setting a wedding date. Guys just be patient you'll get there in the end.
lookin4sxyboobs dijo
This site rocks. A ton. Rock on Fuck Book Sex, Rock On!
rm_smythe98 dijo
Well let me start of by saying Niether one of us was looking for anything more then a one time thing. We weren't looking for commitment, we weren't looking for a soul-mate, life-partner, or whatever else you want to discribe it. We weren't looking to fall in love that's for sure! But isn't that the way it always is? When you're not looking for it it hits you smack in the face! I had seen his picture (nice face shot!) on his profile and kept going back to it for about 2 weeks. I was nervous and hadn't really contacted anyone before. Well finally I thought, What the hell?, and wrote him. Told him exactly what I was looking for, a good, one time deal, no strings, great sex etc..... Well after a couple of days he wrote back. He was on vacation and apologised for not getting back to me sooner! Well we just started chatting online for a couple of weeks while he was away and found we really enjoyed talking to eachother. I found I looked forward to his emails/chat seesions! One night when he finally got back we were chatting and it was getting pretty hot! He came and picked me up. Being with him felt so natural and right. Yes it was supposed to be just sex but I could tell that with our talking and getting to know eachother that it felt like it was going to be more. Needless to say we both wanted to keep seeing eachother after that first night and 8 months later we were married! Did we expect to find the person we wanted to marry here on Fuck Book Sex? NO! Definatly not! But we did! So weather you're looking for a one night thing, a friend w/ benefits, or a serious relationship, you never know! What/who you're looking for might just be here!
rm_rikko_cba21 dijo
bueno soy de argentina tengo 21 años , y la siguiente historia que les voy a contar me susedio un dia en la secundaria .resulta que iva a el 2| año de la secundaria por la mañana , todo comenso en una clase de biologia con un amigo apostamos quein se animaba a acarisiarle una pierna a una compañera que estaba junto a mi , le dije ok , yo medio timido sin mirarla le toque la pierna , ella me miro y me saco la mano , despues intente de nuevo mas serca de su vagina y me dejo que la tocara un buen rato, despues a mi amigo nole dije nada de lo que les voy a contar ahora, en el trnscurro de las clases no solo de biologia nos sentabamos juntos acordondolo a la entrada del colegio .ahi empeso lo mas fuerte, dia tras dia banco a banco uno al lado del otro empese lo que un dia solo fue solo una mano en su pierna , con el tiempo fue mi mano mas y mas serca de su conchita , serca mas serca a tod esto no era ni a la entrada ni a la salida del coligio sino en plena clase, mi mano dia tras dia en su conchita penetraba mis dedos en ella cada vez mas adentro ella solo me miraba , transcurrido varias semanas ella se puso de novio con uno de mis amigos , yo crellendo que ese joce iva a terminar sin pensarlo ella se sentaba al lado mio a persar de eso un dia decidi meter mi mano en otro lado de su cuerpo, tapaso solo por mi mochila entre nosotros empese a subir mi mano por debajo de su ropa y empese a agarrarles sus pecho izquierdo ella paresia que le gustaba por que me miraba y solo eso asia mirarme .ese dia en una clase de historia ella por simple intuision desidio actuar en plena clase deseliso su mano asi mi pantalon y baje mi cierre y ella introdujo su mano y lco mi pedaso en ese momento bien duro y erecto , ahi empeso la mano de ella a rosar mi pene luego lo agarro con toda su mano y empeso a frotar de a poco ella mirandome gustosamente ahumentando la velosidad de frote logro que mi leche bien caliente(esperma)saliera por el conducto en el que estaba apresado tanta era mi eyaculasion que justo estaba sentado frente a mi pupitre y solte todo lo que tenia dentro de el pupitre a todo esto yo con mi mano logre introducir un lapiz en su conchita y ella gustosamente me miraba, en ese momento por primera mes me masturbaban. esa mano que tenia ella lobraba exitarme gusosamente , yo a mi modo la exitaba dediandola sin parar , esta es mi historia que ocurrio en una clase de historia , que historia!!!! no???? cualqyuier chica que quiera probar mi chota comunicarse a mi correo (Fuck Book Sex)
nice_pckg dijo
I met a girl on this site a few months ago and we agreed to hook up for lunch and see if we click. Well, we clicked alright! After lunch I was walking her out to her car, she had one of those little two seater mercedes. I asked her if I could drive it and she agreed. I drove down the road a bit, circled around and was going back to our lunch spot when she reached over and started feeling my crotch. I was thinking "not in public and not while I'm driving", and she agreed to follow me home.
When we got there we didn't even have the door shut when she started peeling off her clothes. My clothes came off too as we raced to the nearest bedroom. We screwed each other all afternoon. I must have come four times but around 5 she decided it was time to go and thanked me for a wonderful afternoon and for fulfilling her fantasy. She left. I had no number, no email and when I logged into Fuck Book Sex the next day her profile was turned off.
I wouldd have liked to have had more fun with this girl but it was not in her plans.

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