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ballzdeepnu dijo
I've been a standard member on here for a year now n am only able to communicate in chat room but one girl decided to email me im 23 so always horny she gave me her im we chated a lil talked on the phone we were only a few miles apart so i drove over to her place, shes 18 lives with parents and mormon she just basically said let me suck ur cock she was good she said shes been practicing on lots of guys from Fuck Book Sex she said shes met more than 20 guys in there the way she sucked me she had skills. im considering actually paying for a membership now.
rm_misterdiablo2 dijo
its awesome, i have meet 3 girls in 1 month since my subscription, and i got aids and plague !!! What the fuc...ing hell !!!But it was really nice too, because those 3 girls had all done all my phantasms.
Thanks Fuck Book Sex
rm_pleaser601 dijo
I must admitt that being on Fuck Book Sex has really jump-started our marriage again. My husband always complained about being too tired for sex. Recently we met a firey little red-head, who he was willing to bet wouldn't be interested. She really thru him for a loop. I really like being a tease and enjoy teasing my husband with the friends I have found on Fuck Book Sex.
rm_screwme2002us dijo
I came on Fuck Book Sex at the advice of a friend for some fun. I have met a wonderful girl. While the relationship is only for fun we both look forward to the times we have together.
rm_chikahot19 dijo
Soy una chika de Puerto Rico con 19 años y por medio de esta pagina conoci a una chika que me ayudo a descubrir cosas que no estaba segura de demostrarle a mi esposo.Ahora el sabe que siento atraccion hacia las mujeres y al contrario de estar furioso le alegra por que asi podremos cumplir una fantasia.
rm_indylady9161 dijo
Fuck Book Sex, I'd really like to thank you for providing the service you do for all of us. I have always been a free member since January 2004 and have not needed to pay for a membership due to the overwhelming responses I've gotten. I was currently separated and desperately needing someone to take care of me sexually with no emotional attachment. Yes, I have toys & have been using them for the past 8+ sexless years of my marriage, but it finally came to the point that I needed the real thing more. A male friend of mine from Missouri told me about this site and so I thought I'd put a profile on it & see what if anything happened. I really thought that this site was just a glorified dating/sex site but at least the profiles were more honest than some I'd run across on regular dating sites. (Yes, I was on a few of those sites too!) I just wasn't meeting people like I wanted to meet on those dating sites. Within three months, (the middle of March) I met a wonderful married man on this site (that addressed me on his 1st email as pretty lady) that was 11 yrs. older than me & had as much of a sexless marriage as I had and we started out by just chatting online. We had so much in common, I couldn't believe it. Then one night he offered to take my then 10 yr. old daughter & I out to eat at this fairly fancy restaurant. I agreed & it was the best possible decision I could've made. I wasn't looking for another permanent LTR, as I still wasn't divorced (but am now, as of July 23, 2004). He really wasn't looking for a new LTR either, but something was really intense between the two of us when the bedroom door shut! I couldn't believe how great the sex/romance side of our relationship was and I decided to let it ride a couple of weeks without seeing him & just chatting online. We were both dying inside to see each other, but as fate would have it, I already had plans the last week of March to go to Illinois and spend some time with another great guy I'd been chatting with from Fuck Book Sex. This man was another charming, well-mannered married gentleman. He put me up in a hotel for 8 nights & told me to use room service, the bar, anything for the week & charge it to the room. WOW....now, this was the life! I only saw this gentleman like 4 times that whole week and 3 of the times after he left, I called my new friend back home and we had phone sex....WOW again!!! Talk about HOT! Well, I had made plans to hook up with him on Sunday after I came back home on Saturday. But, I couldn't wait that long, LOL....I had to see him Saturday evening and we've been together ever since! We're still waiting on his divorce to get finalized, but we're not hiding our love from anyone. I have moved into his house now & we are working on some remodeling and making his house "our home". Our sex life is still just as HOT & fresh as it was the 1st night we made love. This man really knows who to use his tongue, let me tell you!! I had never experienced female ejaculation/squirting before meeting Ron, but am I glad I have now....It's a daily occurence now!!! Thank you, thank you Fuck Book Sex for helping both RonpcR16 & I find our way to each other!! We will always be grateful to Fuck Book Sex for this!! Keep up the good work, Fuck Book Sex! And have faith, those of you on this site hoping Mr. Right could still be out there for you. He just could be like he was for me!!! Good luck all!
JackDaniel69 dijo
I was bored one night and decided to enroll in Fuck Book Sex. By the next day I found an older woman, which I like, and at 3 a.m. we met up and fucked each others brains out. It was amazing, thanks Fuck Book Sex. If it weren't for this website, we would have never met.
fallenangel100 dijo
I have been a member since April of this year and have met many great guys and have had lots of mind blowing sex. But about a month ago I met this one guy that lives about 80 miles from me. I loved his profile and just emailed him to tell him so. I never thought we would meet up and I never thought that every weekend and a couple nights during the week one of us would be making that long drive to see the other. We are both falling in love and he tells me all the time that he can't beleive how lucky he got. Neither of us thought we would find the person of our dreams on an adult website. We are so compatible in and out of the bedroom and because we met on this website neither is afraid to bring up something new to try in the bedroom. Having lots of fun and we will see where this goes from here. Thanks Fuck Book Sex.
rm_poderosoj dijo
una noche iva caminando por la clle y de pronto me encontre con una chica k m, e pidio k la acompañara hasta su casa caminamos unas cuantas cuandras y de pronto se sento y me dijo k estaba cansada , ik keria descanasr . yo kise seguir con la marcha pewro ella me dijo . noi sientate un rato descansa luego comen so una concbersa ella miraba mi brageta con ansiedad y yo su delantewra exiotante leugo le pedi sexo y ella me dijo ¡¡¡ y para k cres k emos venido hasta aki y comenso la foollada
rm_mechanic33 dijo
bien todo enpeso cuando tenia 18 an"os estaba en el ultimo grado del colegio, era la mas linda profesora, ella tenia 30, perola mas rica tambien, ella daba clase alos alumnos que estabamos un poco densentendidos de la materia, un dia llegue asu casa la encontre triste y le dije que si no se sentia bien lo dejabams para luego ella dijo que no, se puso a llorar le pregunte porque no queria decir, empeso a hablar poco a poco su esposo la enga"naba eso le dolio mucho, pero era con un hombre me quede frio conocia su marido era un hombre correcto pero me dijohace mucho que no tenemos relaciones, lloro y yo la console nos miramos y ella me beso yo le correspondi pues la amaba haci atiempo y ella se daba cuenta yo le deci ala profesora mas linda.despeus de besarnos nos acariciamos le solte su blusa le quite su falda, le solte el brasier le bese los pechos , le quite su tanga , le acoste en el sofa, labese y, le di una mamada de vagina que se rego, ella me digo yo te hare yo solo me habi aquitado la camiseta ella me quito todo se metio el pene en su boca y despues de un rato el semen corria por sus labios ella se deleitaba la puse luego de cuatro le penetre su vagina su ano.le dia vuelta ella me cabalgo, y terminamos ella abajo jimiendo, lo haciamos en su casa en la cama que dormia su esposo ella decia que queria desquitarselas, haci lo hicimos muchas veces a ella le gustaba solo mamar, era la mejor y beber leche es la mujer mas rica que he tenido un cuerpaso una nalgas las piernas mas bellas los pechos mas ricos, el rostro bello, un dia le dije que le llegue abuscar me digo si pero me estaba cogiendome a mi sobrino de 16 y me dijo he perdido mucho tiempo de disfrutar me conto todo el tipo segun joven pero con un pene de buen largo y le gustaba mamarla a ella eso la enloquecia pero yo tenia que partir para los estados unidos, la recordare siempre profesora de CR, a las mujeres casadas que sus maridos las hacen un lado les digo estan lindas ricas disfruten de su sexo denles una leccion que sepan que ustedes otro hombre las puede amar ahun y si no buscame en el chat te are sentir como mi bella profesora.bye
flacaloquita dijo
Una vez conocí a alquien por chat y a pesar de que vivia muy lejos de mi, viajo de pasada y nos conocimos, él tenía 13 años mas que yo. Nos alojamos en un hotel, empezamos a besarnos, me acarició la vagina y empezó a chuparmela, yo estaba tan caliente que le pedi que me metiera la verga, tenía un penne enorme y me hizo gozar mucho, de las 10 de la noche a las 10 de la mañana, cogimos 6 veces, me hizo la colita 2 veces y no quería que me la sacara, pensé que me iba a dar un ataque, el placer fue enorme y hasta el dia de hoy me acuerdo de él y lo bien que cogió, me trató como una reina, y la verdad sabía como y tenía con que......hoy estoy de novia, mi novio aprendio mucho porque yo lo guié, y he aprendido a pasarla bien y hacer que la otra persona la pase mejor, amo coger y si pudiera lo haría todo el día
rm_fabian30 dijo
Mi Historia del sexo en grupo empieza a mis 13 años de edad cuando con una amigo nos metimos en una casa en la cual sus moradores estaban de vacaciones y le habian dejado la llave a la madre de mi amigo para que cuide la casa Con daniel mi amigo nos sentamos en la cocina y ahi empezamos a masturbarmos tenia una pija muy gruesa y larga tal es que el querer meterla en mi culo luego de varios intentos no pudo hacerlo . En la noche volvi a entrar pero con otro amigo el cual me desnudo enseguida y me hiso poner en un sofa en posicion de perro poniendo su pene en la puerta de mi culo luego de un rato le dige si nos ibamos y me digo que si cuando quisimos salir se resbalo y me ensarto hasta el fondo . que dolor que senti pero me gusto cuando saliamos por el pasillo se aparecio mi amigo anterior y pregunto que haciamos adentro de la casa y yo le dige que como el no me habia cogido pedro si .. empezo a decir que fureramos adentro y entremos los tres .... fue la noche que me inicie en esto y la que nunca olvidare pues fue la que mas goce teniendo a mis dos machos juntos
rm_traydw dijo
We recently just had our first experience with the lifestyle and what can we say it was wonderful. We hope to keep the relationship even if doesnt lead to sex. The people were great people and hope they will maintain thier friendship with us. We hope to continue in this lifestyle and meet more wonderful and interesting people.
Candygirl68 dijo
Well I've been with your dating site for 2 years now and I've talked to many men and most of the men here have been pretty nice. Some a little too pushy but overall nice. Well a year ago I met a very nice guy who fits me to a tee and we've been extremely close. I've never been so happy and never had so much fun. The sex is great and the future looks wonderful. I'm writing to thank Fuck Book Sex for provide this service and making some couples very happy.
rm_Xenaflys dijo
Hello out there! I just want to say this has been great for me. I have been an Fuck Book Sex member for about 2 years and met some great people! Mostly I've had some fantastic SEX with lots of cool people . I had a great 3 way with mixed couple from Florida. They wined and dined me while I was down there and seduced me together! It was an all day, well 4-5 hour sex marathon. I was high for a week. In Taiwan I met a petite 5ft, shy and bi college student and showed her the "ropes" Now she's an expert pussy licker. She couldn't get enough.I even taught her how to use a strapon! Strangely I also met several really tall guys over 6'5" in Taiwan 1 was tall black fella, with a big pole and a nice attitude, good pussy eater. Yummy. The other was a very funny long tooled Canadian with a tattoo on his dick!! Then on vacation in Hawaii, well that was the best I met a French couple that took me to a wall to wall swinger party! So many sexy tanned, horny people. And on and on! Soon I'll be leaving Fuck Book Sex though. Think I've Found my soulmate! It's a great site have fun. I did. The letters can be overwhelming though huh.
rm_hotmacho1968 dijo
Hace unos años conocí una mujer fantastica, ella era secretaria del director de sistemas, y todo comenzo inocentemente, ella era casada y yo soltero, el caso es que comenzamos a platicar inocentemente y unas semanas despues sin saber como nos hicimos amantes, nos escapabamos ibamos al hotel y lo haciamos como locos varias veces, nos quedabamos por lo general 8 horas, luego nos separabamos y nos cuidabamos que nadie nos viera, es en verdad una mujer maravillosa alta , bonito cuerpo , unas nalgas de ensueño en verdad un bombon.despues por azares del destino nos separamos pero jo he pódido olvidarla, actualmente estoy casado ´pero no he podido olvidarla , mi sueño es volverla a localizar pero creo que es imposible, por este medio esperaba que pudiera hacerse realixdad pero creo que no, creo que esta experiencia me marco mucho ya que me encantan las mujeres casadas, las solteras son bonitas pero las casadas son mejores, no se porque, ...espero contactar mujeres casadas ya que las deseo mucho......
Hello out there! We have had MFMFs with four different couples we met through Fuck Book Sex, they were all very good and some of them we went back for seconds, and thirds and so on. But the best experience has been with magicdick904 in the northeast area of Florida. He is so good we featured him in our profile (write up and pics) and have been doing him for over the past four years, highly recomended for all you single women who want a super and discrete lay, very oral and is very able to reach places inside you that you didn't realize you had. Couples, you will not be disappointed either, he is super with that 8 inch thick hot cock. Thanks.
protect069 dijo
It'S something interresting, the beginning like the end are very exciting and very fun to do. Just try it, you would not regreat it. Sorry for my english, i'm a french speaker.
protect069 dijo
To have sex with a condom ?
Jsut one thing... it's great with this small thing and it'S a lot better without. If you try it, it's sur that you will never put one again. The act is more sensual and more beastially,
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Try it ! XxX
TO-to-TANGO dijo
I just recently met a couple on Fuck Book Sex. Its actually been hard to find people that don't want to drag things out or play games. But this couple invited me over to a hotel and we all went strait to the hot tube. It was great she had a great body. We chatted for a few min. till he asked if I wanted to see her naked? Of course I said yes, and he leaned over and pulled her bottoms too the side! Wow, it was nice. After a few teasing minutes we headed to there room. He blindfolded her and had our way with her. She sucked us, fucked us, DP, everything. When it was all over, we set another date. It was great!!!
BBWlooking1975 dijo
I can not thank Fuck Book Sex enough.. I have met the man of my dreams my knight in shinning armor... We met the last week of March this year and have continued to date... Now on AUG. 2, 2004 WE were MARRIED... I didn't ever think I would find my soul-mate muchless on a sex site.. but I am soo pleased that it finally happened.. I have been looking for atleast 10 years and never married.. THen I started talking with him on here .. finally met and it worked..we just clicked.. your site is tops in my book.. Thanks for giving me the chance to met my husband..
rm_seximc dijo
bueno mi historia es la sig. hace tiempo tuve una pequeña relacion con una chica y bueno al principio me senti incomoda ahora me he casado pero tenga ganas de volver a tener una relacion con alguna chica para saber que es lo que relamente siento. cualquiera que ese interesada escribame a seximc en adull friend gracias tengo 31 y soy de tez blanca cabello color miel hasta el hombre no soy ni tan gorda ni tan flaca
wildtigress4u dijo
I met the most incredible man on Fuck Book Sex 6 months ago, however due to the 5 hours between us, our devotion to our work and kids getting together was impossible. Also I met someone closer and got involved for about 4 months. We were both feeling the connection but I had given up ever meeting him, so I settled for the emails and phone calls. Well last week we finally met, it was incredible. We are both looking forward to our next encounter. Thank you Fuck Book Sex for allowing me to use your service to meet the most incredible man I have ever met!
rm_ITZA2000 dijo
rm_medusaazul dijo
Hola la verdad es que de solo pensar lo que os voy a contar se me endurecen los senos, pues resulta que yo no soy lesbiana, pero siempre quise una experincia con una chica, recientemente recibi una invitacion de laura(seudonimo) para compartir una amistad, yo le repondi y nos conocimos ella es una chica alta trigueña de ojos miel, bellisima, llegamos a su apartamento y empesamos a tomarnos una cerveza, ella dijo que se iba a poner más comoda, regreso tan solo con unas pequeñas tangas rojas, que dejaban ver sus hermoso pelitos castaños, yo senti que me temblaba todo el cuerpo, empeso a bailar frente mi con movimientosd sensuales, sus tetonas se bolboleaban y me rozaba los labios con ellas pero sin dejarselas mamar, se quito la tanga y empezo acariciarse el clitoris, yo estaba toda babosa y resbalosa entre las piernas, ya me habia quitado la ropa y estaba desnuda, no aguante más y me acerque y la tome por el cabello y la tire al piso, le habri las piernas y enterre mi cabeza entre ellas, empece a mamarle el clictoris con violencia ella gritaba y se retorcia de placer y a cada rato tenia un orgazmo que mojaba mi cara, yo solo me detenia para tragarme su lechita, ella no queria que parara gritaba que queria más que la dejara seca. A todas estas yo me venia sola sin siquiera tocarme de la exitacion que tenia, de pronto ella se voteo y empezo a tocarme con sus manos se agacho y empezo suavemete a lamerme la chochita con mucho amor, yo estaba saladita y a ella le encanto, luego fue al cuarto y trajo un descomunal consolador negro, lo mojo con su lenguita y luego me penetro, y lo movio como una artista y me vine varias veces se agacho y me limpio toda en un 69 mientras yo la mamaba tambien, me arde la lengua de tanto usarla pero estoy feliz de darle tanto placer, mi chochita tambien esta peladita de tantas mamadas pero esta enrojecida y tambien feliz Con laurita disfruto mucho, ella es insasiable siempre quiere más, grasias a ustedes por ayuderme a encontrarla, ahora no solo disfruto de los chicos con su pene si no al recordar las veladas sexuales con mi Laurita.
PlayWithMe56 dijo
I must say thank you to the creators of Fuck Book Sex. It is a great source for those who wouldn't normally take this route in finding their extra curricular activities ;-) wink wink. I am married but the sex is null so I came onto this site to see what it was all about and started out slowly. I've met only wonderful people on Fuck Book Sex and some I've actually met in person. Tom [yumyumyummy1] was the first person I met back in Aug. '03 We became good friends and eventually hooked up and the sex was awesome! The only problem is that the distance between us and our work schedules don't leave much time to play but we email and speak to each other often and that's ok. I got a friend out of him. I met through email a few others in between but never actually met. Then in January '04 I had met DYGARA. I told myself not to get attached but there was something about him. First off, he was hot with dreamy blue eyes and a warm smile. I love that! Then to top it off his personality showed through our IM's and emails. He was funny, smart, quoted poems and English literature. He truly made my heart melt. There were a lot of IM's and emails and the erotic phone calls. He would call me at work, get me all worked up and love every single minute of it, because I could do nothing about it. I thought about him day in and day out. There was a distance between us as well, but we finally met. It was so awesome. I felt like I met my soul mate but unfortunately I was already married and he too. Like the Olivia Newton John song "I Honestly Love You" goes....."If it was another place and time", he would have truly been the one. Another person who I truly like is Edster68, I meet with him once a week. He is very very good and knows how to move with his 8" cock. I've never orgasmed during intercourse, but man, oh man, he's brought me there and it is such a high. We synchronize perfectly. He is an awesome lover. He leaves me wanting more of him. We enjoy each other's company and he is such a good kisser and I love that. I can kiss all night. So approaching my first anniversary with Fuck Book Sex I just wanted say thank you. It has been a great first year and hope there will be more to cum! wink wink
kelios5 dijo
je n'ai pas d'histoire a raconter, mais plutot une question. tout est ecrire en anglais alors que moi je suis francais. aider moi!
Juanita_chiquita dijo
Hola tengo24 años de edad y vivo en Colombia. Cuando conoci a mi jefe, un sacerdote diocesano comenzo la mas erotica relacion. Un muy buen dia en la casa cural yo estaba ensayando para una presentacion cuando el padre me llamo.Yo subi a su aposento, el cerro la puerta , me invito a seguir, hablamos y me cogio una pierna, luego su mano se deslizo hacia mi pecho y me quito la camisa.YO le desapunte el pantalon, se lo baje y le cogi su miembro empece a chuparlo desesperadamente.Mientras el me chupaba los senos yo manoseaba su pene hasta que se puso durisimo.Entonces yo me quite el pantalon y las bragas lentamente e incite a que me hiciera el sexo oral, lo hace como los angeles.Luego lo cabalgue , me baje lochupe yel a mi por todo lado, hasta que se masturbo yme lavo con su leche.Yo me meti el miembro aun lechoso y me refregue hasta venirme y le pedi que me lo hiciera con la lengua, lengua y pene del cura me hicieron gozar
fuego_ardiente dijo
hola, todas bueno, mi histtoria es un poco, fria mi esposa tiene rato de no hacerlo conmigo, tenemos casi sin mentir 1 año de no tener relaciones sex..
por lo general lo haciamos 3 veces por dia. ahora que ella, no quiere por x..razon estoy buscando a alguien de hace tiempo. solome masturbo hasta alli viendo mujeres desnudas. por eso, estoy buscando a algin con quien tener sexo, pagare bien.. con tal que me hagan sentir bein y porsupuesto yo a ella tambien.. escribanme alguei que lea mi histiria aburrida.. bye mi mnombre de Fuck Book Sex.com es : fuego_ardiente. bye espero con amnsias a alguien que lo quiera hacer yaaa..
monicastephy dijo
Hi! This is Stephy [and Monica] just writing about our first experience with a guy. It was "Bigfun694u" and he was great! It was his first time with two gals as well. He was very clean, safe, and discrete. We met and immediatly knew he was the one we were looking for. WHAT STAMINA! He outlasted both of us and wanted more! Needless to say, we had a wonderful time and thought we'd share it with all of you. If you're near him, gals and couples, look him up...he's worth it!
ladyluck242 dijo
I'm a member of Fuck Book Sex for a year now but i just started using it only this january 2004! And i was amazed because lots of interested guys are too eager to meet me! I'm happy to meet these guys...tekman99, stefan1231, can_u_be_real, sexmachine20269. But for me sexmachine20269 is the best of all of them! Thanks to Fuck Book Sex and more power!
sxylick dijo
We have met many great people from this site. The first couple we met things didn't work out in the bedroom but after 4 years we are all still great friends. This site doesn't always mean meeting people just for sex you can also make some great friendsships too.
Purswaysive dijo
WOW I am so impressed with not only the quantity but the quality I have found here. Right now I am more than amused with my current toy. He is highly edible and very creative. I have met so many great guys off this site and now I am going to start looking for a few girls as well. Thank you for helping me branch out and explore new and wonderful people Fuck Book Sex!
skildfornicator dijo
I met a guy from this site. We instantly liked each other, and we immediately went to a hotel. He came prepared, brought several horny VCDs, which really turned us on. He started to work on me...got me all wet and ready...then I did what I could to pleasure him. Before we knew it...we already spent 6 hours having marathon sex. Looking forward to going out with him again. Thanks Fuck Book Sex!
rm_Dominic7474 dijo
Here goes..A guy answers my ad for man to man and tells me he is straight.UH Huh, well when he gets here and I pop in a gay video his dick is just like the flagpole at the courthouse. Straight up in the air. Straight guy huh..Well he asks to see my cock and what do ya know, before I can get my pants down it's down his throat. I mean way down. Straight guy huh...With a cock down his throat. Needless to say I think he converted to homosexual that day or at least bi. Or maybe he's straight? Go figure cuz I can't.
peteand2 dijo
I'm a pretty straight, hetero guy, but now in my 60's I've begun to wonder what it would be like to have a physical experience with a like-minded male - not someone out and out gay, but a guy whose curiosity was taking him down the same path as myself. Well, after only three days on Fuck Book Sex I found what I'd been looking for for the last couple of years! To cut a long story short, we rented a hotel room for an afternoon of sheer, uninhibited, randy bliss. We were both first-timers and we used fingers, lips and tongues on our powerful erections like there was no tomorrow, with two inevitable sticky conclusions. Thanks to Fuck Book Sex. Will I do it again? You bet!
jenny07961 dijo
We have been members of Fuck Book Sex for almost a year now. I have met some great guys and fucked most of them whilst my husband takes picture of me with a big hard cock up me or spurting its cum all over my face. We thank you at Fuck Book Sex for all the fun we have had and all the fun we have planed for the future.
fausto60 dijo
Conoci a una dama atravez del chat. Seguido platicabamos. Me comento que pasaba por una etapa dificil. Pues, su pareja le habia comentado que queria andar con una compañera de trabajo. A esto ella le comento que de su parte no habia inconveniente. Pero las cosas cambiaron cuando se entero por él, que habia embarazado a la otra chica. Despues de eso, nos encontramos con mi amiga, e iniciamos un agradable amistad. Salimos con frecuencia. Al principio seguia dolida y resentida por la situacion anterior. Posteriormente llegamos a intimar, siendo esta una relacion esplendorosa. Es ahora mi compañera. y descubri algo que ella no sabia: tenia perrito. Es un movimiento de musculos vaginales que hace disfrutar al máximo la relación sexual.
rm_marab dijo
MAGNUM8485 dijo
rm_chiquitin41 dijo
Mi primera vez? bueno si la recuerdo, fue lo más maravilloso, me llamo Luis, vivía en Orizaba Veracruz, en la actualidad tengo 37 años y esta es mi historia, 100% real. Espero que les guste Sergio es un primo que vivió conmigo en mi casa una temporada, en ese entonces él tenia 24 años y yo 16. Sergio era alto, mide como 1.85, delgado, con vello en el pecho y una barba fabulosa.
Estaba de vacaciones, y tome como pretexto que no me gustaba dormir solo, así que en las mañanas me metía a la cama de Sergio. Desde que llegó a mi casa me había llamado demasiado la atención y yo no sabía porque, hasta esa mañana.
Cuando me metía a la cama, él me tapaba, me abrazaba y ya, se ponía de espaldas a mí. Sergio dormía solo con ropa interior, y por lo general eran tangas. Ese día me arme de valor y lo abracé por detrás, y puse mi mano cerca de su paquete, ese día tenia una tanga de color negro, y aunque mi corazón latía a mil por hora, mi mano estaba ahí, y poco a poco sentí como su pene se iba poniendo duro, pero no cedía, entonces con todas las emociones revueltas, y con el deseo de sentir lo que había debajo de esa tanga, metí un dedo debajo, entonces sentí como ese pene se ponía mas rígido, y sentir su cuerpo caliente, la punta de su pene, todo era tan delicioso, yo pensé que con eso tenía el mayor placer, pero que equivocado estaba.
Yo suponía que Sergio estaba dormido, pero entonces sentí como una mano se puso sobre la mía y sacaba ese pene... y me enseñaba como masturbarlo, yo no lo podía creer, pero era cierto, entonces Sergio se volvió hacia mí, y entonces sentí otra mano sobre mi cabeza, me guió hasta su pene, y me dijo en voz baja "chúmamela", y yo comencé a hacerlo, solo escuchaba sus gemidos, y entonces con sus dos manos tomo mi cabeza y me empezó a mover al mismo tiempo que el se movía. De repente él se paró, y acto seguido me empezó a besar en la boca, su barba me raspaba y eso me súper excitaba, tenia una barba de dos días, me volvía loco, me besaba el cuello, con sus manos tocaba mi cuerpo, entonces, metió uno de sus dedos en mi boca, y yo se lo chupe, luego metió otro e igual se lo chupe, luego los sacó y sentí como me empezó a meter uno de sus dedos por mi ano, hasta entonces virgen... después metió otro dedo, me daba una especie de masaje, yo moría de placer...
Me dio la vuelta y me empezó a besar la espalda, me mordisqueaba, me raspaba, estuve a punto de venirme nada mas con eso.... Luego empezó a besar y mordisquear mis nalgas.... y yo estaba en las nubes, en esos momentos, no sabia lo que era un orgasmo, pero ahora yo sé que lo tuve ahí mismo.
Con sus manos abrió mis nalgas y con su lengua empezó a lamer mi ano, era un placer indescriptible y después me susurró al oído "va a doler un poco, lo voy a hacer lento, no te muevas" por dentro lo deseaba con toda mi alma, solo alcancé a asentir la cabeza, entonces sentí entre mis dos nalgas su pene duro, y Sergio no mentía, me dolió mucho al principio, al entrar la cabecita fue un dolor increíble, mi grito se ahogó en la almohada, Sergio no se movió, me tomo por la cintura y me dijo, "lo voy a hacer despacio" y entonces poco a poco me la empezó a meter, el dolor del principio se había esfumado, ahora si era placer absoluto....
Entonces se empezó A mover al principio lento, pero poco a poco se movía más rápido, el tiempo para mi se hacía eterno, me tomó de la cintura y sentía como su cuerpo topaba con mis nalgas, todo era tan excitante, no lo podía creer, sentía su barba en mi espalda.
Solo escuché un gemido y después dijo "me ven, me vengooooo" y sentí algo caliente dentro de mí........ me apretó con mas fuerza y me dio de un golpe una penetración tan profunda..... Después, se recostó sobre mí y me abrazó y así quedamos los dos hasta el medio día.
A partir de ese día, me esperaba en las noches, yo me metía en su recamara y el me empezó a comprar ropa de mujer, me decía que tenía unas nalgas espectaculares y unas piernas más bonitas que muchas mujeres, así comencé a vestirme de mujer para el, lo que disfrutaba, ya que me recorría con su pene todas las piernas y me quitaba las pantimedias y las tangas y pantaletas que desde entonces uso.
Como podrás ver, me encanta vestirme con minifaldas, pantimedias, zapatillas y micro pantaletas, me fascina que me fajen y después de mamar bien la verga, ser penetrado con cariño y suavecito.
rm_wittykrissy dijo
Just joined Fuck Book Sex about a month ago, as a full time working single mom my sex life had turned completely nonexistent. Already I have found a friend w/benefits in the area and some guys from far away who have let me explore my fantasies, over the phone and IM and in the chat rooms. An important part of my life that was missing is now back with a vengence...Thank you Fuck Book Sex!
rm_sexyvalady dijo
Hello Everyone!!! Sorry to hear that some of you have had such horrible experiences with this site. As for me, it has been a really good way to meet at least two super guys. The first one I dated for about 21 months and the second one I am dating now and have been for about six weeks. However, as with other sites I have experienced, you have to weed through a lot of frogs to find the prince. Not unusual...about the same anywhere. I prefer this site over others, not because I want to have sex with just anyone as much as possible, but because I find there is less BS in conversations and more chance of actually meeting. On June 8, I met in person the gentleman I am currently dating after meeting on here and e-mailing a number of times and then talking on IM. At our first meeting he brought me flowers and at the end of the date asked me to go to the Bahamas with him. Our sixth date was in Jamaica at Hedonism2. We got along wonderfully and had a fantastic time. He is a very affectionate, thoughtful, sweet, and sexy man. Don't know where this is going, but the ride is so very nice and we plan on enjoying it for as long as it will last. And, NO ladies, I will not tell you who he is....he is taken....smile. Happy Hunting to ALL....
HotPair4U2Share dijo
We have been on here awhile, and have had a few encounters with people we met. A couple were not so good; however the good ones make up for it. Our success stories have involved a few Couples. However most, and especially the best one was meeting up with a single guy and once things clicked, having him join us for a 3-some. We met at a dance club that is known for fact you can wear anything or as little as you choose and fit right in. She wore a VERY short skirt that the slightest bend gave off glimpses, and a sexy shirt. After all the flirting, teasing and over all enticing is half the fun. After a couple hours we were all hitting it off great and headed to a near by hotel. Once there we played a very fun, erotic game of cards that lead to a lot more. As for the one bitter guy, on these responses: Anyone you meet and pick up here, or just when out your buds, could have an STD, thats why commom sense says you do your best not to end up with such types, and just for the incase. Use protection. As for us we love this site and look forward to trying our new Fantasy of her 1st group or a swing Party.
sonofliberty1776 dijo
I've been on here a month and have met several, healthy, happy, horny ladies & friends. It has been very exhilarating & fun.
backdoorpleez dijo
I have met a few people and to be honest 99% were not what they appeared to be at all and when it go to the sex part they definitel LIED about EVERYTHING!! But, I have met 3 really good men off of here and 2 of them I have a long-term sexual relationship. I will agree with the men that most of the girls on here are fake b/c I've been looking for one too. Also, they limit a lot of things u can do and thankfully they give more props to women :) but it is a $$ scam too. Also, to the ones that think this is for "love & marriage" PLEASE--get real! Sex site--HELLO!! I wasn't looking for love--definitely not marriage--JUST SEX!!! And I've found it. So, basically it's a hit or miss site. good luck.
ChilliwackCPL dijo
i meet my guy on this site 10 months ago still together and now looking for couples... we love each other very much.. and we both love this site. i have meet alot of nice people on here and join chating and meeting more...
this site does work.
ezy2handle dijo
Hi there, well I read a lot of the stories in here as I'm in the adult industry for 6 years now. It amazes me when people say it's all fake to get revenue and no one answers your messages and winks. Here are my home truths, I've viewed over 1400 profiles sent off over 80 messages and over 100 winks, take it from a sales man who sold ice to Eskimos, IF YOU DON'T ASK - YOU DON'T GET. Don't give up! There are plenty of genuine contacts in here and you will find out as you go, there are also a lot of old pics that were taken when Noah was the second member with J.C, BUT let's face it the only way is to MEET FACE TO FACE and say what you feel (even when they are not who they say or resemble). I personally have met over 16 people in 5 months and yes there are some who are not my style and I probably not theirs, but I still have a good conversation and wine or coffee. I've driven from Sydney to Dubbo and Coffs Harbour (round trip of 1, 000 Kms) just to meet them and its been both ways - fun and let downs, but I'm getting better by being totally honest up front with my profile, I reply to ALL winks and messages - you know what it's like when you get ignored and no reply (#@*^) it's frustrating, put yourself in their shoes when you delete or don't answer them - it feels like crap. I've met 8 ladies in here who remain very good friends and I visit them when I travel, it's nice to have contacts or friends and even the sex as well when you get lost for a day or three - it's always refreshing to have a new experience and learn how I can turn on, or satisfy some one that I wouldn't have ever met if it hadn't been for Fuck Book Sex. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK GUYS - IT WORKS FOR ME!!! all the best, ezy2handle Sydney, OZ
rm_Captbatman dijo
Within a week I found 3 great couples to play with, I have met with 1 already and had the best sex I have had in my life. I have meet single women, married women, and couples seeking men who are for real. I'm no stud, so if your not getting the action you're looking for, maybe your not asking for it the right way. Just be yourself and it will all work out. The Bat
guigue139 dijo
Hacía tiempo que me había fijado en ella, trabajaba en mi empresa con un compañero de estudios, eso me permitió contactarla y, aunque al principio el contacto fue un poco frio, dos meses despues comenzó una buena amistad. Una noche de invierno, despues de cenar, al llegar a mi coche se abrió el abrigo y a pesar de la poca luz, comprobé que estaba totalmente desnuda incitandome a que la mirase... comenzó acariciandose los pezones para hacerlos crecer, despues lamió sus dedos indice y corazón y se los pasó por los labios de la vagina, abriendola lentamente, mi pasión se incendió y al tiempo encendí la luz interior del coche para verla mejor. Tenía bastante pelo púbico, no muy espeso, los labios muy abiertos dejaban ver un clitorís grande y la humedad hacía muy brillante aquella escena. Muy rápidamente, porque se acercaba gente, se echó encima de mi para que no la viesen la cara aprovechando la situación para meter su cabeza entre mis piernas y chuparme con pasión. Como no podía aguantar mas, le pedí que fuesemos a mi casa para seguir la noche... (Esta segunda parte la contaré en otra ocasión porque fue el principio de una relación tremendamente pasional y divertida)

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