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I love this site. I've met men and women who are just super hot. Most have been well educated and looking to have some good clean sex. Some had some wishes that were just a little to kinky for me. However, I still dig this site and love the idea that you can get laid in one day if you play your cards right. If your having a problem with this site hit me and maybe I can help you get laid.......
3nKaty4_friends dijo
We started on Fuck Book Sex a few years ago and were looking to find someone to add a little spice to our lives. After looking for a few months we met people that became good friends, but not love interests. We were just about to give up our search when a young lady emailed us. That one email led to a great year of chatting online, but due to the distance it seemed like we would never meet. Much to our surprise we actually got to meet and became great friends and intimate lovers. We have been living together for over a year now and it has changed our lives for the better. Thanks to Fuck Book Sex we now feel our family is complete.
flash51167 dijo
Today was a great day. I was contacted by a member of Fuck Book Sex and boy was that an eye opener. I haven't been on in a while and she emailed me. The question was do you want to get down to business. my answer was yes and to my suprise i was invited to the hotel where it all took place. we talked for a while and then decided to make a video tape. the sex was very explosive and very hot.and then the closet door opens and another pretty girl steps out naked and she joined in. there wasent much convo just plenty of action. I've took a break from this site because it seem that all the girls wanted was to invite you to join another site and I thought it wasnt going to work out but know im coming back with hopes of meeting new people. so as of tonight im meeting my new friends for some more hot sexual encounters. flash
rm_EGEOS dijo
nymphowife2 dijo
My husband and I joined Fuck Book Sex about a month ago and have met a couple of guys. They had long, thick cocks and when they fucked my screaming, wet pussy , I loved it. We are meeting another guy tomorrow and my pussy is so excited at getting another hot, juicy, hungry cock to fill my tight holes. My hubby and I are really into threesomes but, him and I want to try some gang bangs by some well hung studs. I would love all three of my cock, hungry, holes filled at once. If this interested you, then we want to here more. Check us out on Fuck Book Sex. Nymphowife2 On Fuck Book Sex
rm_SexualBigCat dijo
Wow! I never thought this will be possible, as 90% (I think) of people on here are from the U.S.A. I have been on here before, on and off for a couple of years, got some great e-mail buddies from over the water, but nothing else. Until recently. Being from South Africa, I did not think I would actually meet someone from South Africa, maybe a world traveler? I have met two guys in the last week, and we just clicked! I have a date with another man over the weekend and just can't wait! Well Done Fuck Book Sex for being such a wonderful, wonderful site! Being a BBW makes it a bit more difficult to meet guys or girls, but hey, I am not complaining any more, as the men I met so far, are sweet and caring. Yes, the bottom line at first is sex, but I know that I have made good friends / lovers! Thanks a million.
sex_girl_818 dijo
Bambiswim59 and I met about 4 months ago on Fuck Book Sex. I was browsing around the site seeing who was here and who i would like to maybe fool around with. Meenwhile my boyfriend at the time had no idea that I even had the membership and that I was planning on cheating on him (we were together for 4 years). Then I saw bambiswim59, and he was just so goodlooking that I had to check him out. He was perfect. I wrote him an email and waited if he wrote back then we would start maybe getting to know each other better. Well needless to say he wrote back and we just got along great. He gave me his number but at first I was afraid to call, but then I realized that I wasnt loved anymore at home and he actually cared about me. So I call and we talk for about 10 mins or so. I knew after that that this was one guy i had to do a f2f with. Wse are now dating and in person or over the phone the sex is great and we are now planning to get married in a couple years. We love each other and we cant wait to set up a couples account!!
getitup32 dijo
I have been a member of Fuck Book Sex for about a year now, and at first was not having a great deal of success meeting people. All that changed 2 months ago, and since then i have met up with about 7 guys. i dont know what happened to change the situation but let's put it this way like the song goes a whole lot of sucking going on or some such thing. this sight has changed my life and turned a bi curious guy into a bi guy. believe me if you haven't tried it do nothing like it all you staight8 guys out there contact me let me show you what it's all about guaranteed you will love it, the same as i do
rm_tornillon dijo
Todo empeso cuando estaba en primero de secundaria y tenia una compañera con la que rosones amorosos como besos y una que otra carisia en las partes nobles pero un dia salimos temprano de clases y ella me acompaño a mi casa por que me iba a cambiar de ropa y subimos a mi cuarto y yo tenia una exitacion por que yo deseaba tenerla hasta ese momento yo no habia tenido relaciones sexuales pero ella tenia un novio mas grande que ella con el cual ella cojia y ella me platicaba como se la cojia, en tonses me venia a la mente que yo podia cojer con ella, cuando llegamos al cuarto me dijo que me cambiara de ropa en frente de ella pero cuando me baje los pantalones no pude esconder mi exitacion, tenia el pene que rebentaba de inchado y ella me pidio que me acercara y yo la obedeci, ella saco mi pene del calson y se lo llevo a la boca me dio una mamada que en menos de un minuto su boca estaba saboreando el poco semen que hasta esa edad me salia, despues me pidio que le regresara el favor cosa que acedi, tenia una vagina guerita, tan limpia y con sus bellos cortitos, la mame hasta que se vino, luego me jalo hacia ella , la bese en la boca, los pechos y ella tomo mi pene con su mano y se lo metio en su vaginita, la coji asi por un rato y luga se puso de perrito, le pase la lengua por toda la espalda hasta llegar al cuello y en toses se lo meti pero era tal la exitacion que teniamos que en pocos mevimientos nos venimos los dos y nuestros gemidos se mesclaron fue una primera vaz que nunca se me ba a olvidar.
rm_pumpingangel dijo
its about 4 months that i joined the Fuck Book Sex one night while surfing in this room a message pop up on the screen saying hello so i answered hi for several exchanges of greetings she ask me if i want to meet her but hesitantly i look at the time its almost midnight so first i decided not to see her but on the second thought i like it so i went to the place where she asked me to see her i immediately rode then proceed to the place where she told me luckily i arrive there very fast so i waited for some minutes, i told to myself that she was only joking but alas now here she comes with some several conversations we proceeded and laid it was a wonderful and great morning this is my first to experience this thing here in this room thanks for Fuck Book Sex.
rm_RGnTG dijo
We are living proof that meeting people on the internet is possible in spite of all the bad publicity in the media. We met in an internet chatroom, talked for months before making the decision to meet face-to-face. When we finally met, it was love at first sight and knew we were meant to be with each other forever. We dated for about a year, I traveled about a hundred miles just to be with my sweetheart. Finally in 2002, my sweetie moved in with me and in September of that year we were married. We now enjoy a great life together, forever and always. RGnTG
rm_foghorn295 dijo
Everyone here at Fuck Book Sex is in search of something. We all have our reasons and the great thing about an adult site is we can be ourselves. No one to criticize us or condemn us. This is my second time to Fuck Book Sex. On the first I found a wonderful friend that I had a very fulfilling relationship with for about a year. Our needs changed as time moved on and so did we. She finally divorced the man that she was married to and found someone to give her the full time love she wanted. I met him and I think that they will be great together. I am very happy for her. I write this article as a success story. When I first came on Fuck Book Sex I wasn’t sure what to expect. I e-mailed a number of different women trying to find someone compatible. Some were nice and others were a little too far out there for me. It took Rhonda and I about a month of e-mailing before we deicided to meet. We had already been upfront about what each other was looking for, so that when we met there would be no surprises. We met for lunch the first time and it only took 10 minutes for me to know she was the one. I tried to watch her eyes to get a hint of what she was thinking but could not find a clue. When lunch was over we thanked each other for a good time and left. I figured that would probably be the end of it and left very disappointed. To my surprise when I returned to work I had already received an e-mail from her. She stated that she had a great time and wanted to know when we could get together again. Since we were both married it was about 2 weeks before we got together. Before we did, we laid some ground rules down. Number 1, being that when one of us said it was over that was it, no arguments. Second, keep it about sex and nothing else. Truth, respect, and maybe a little luck is what helped me find what I needed here at Fuck Book Sex. Rhonda has moved on and I am back once again looking. Rhonda was not the love of my life but, she was a great lover and will always be a friend. I doubt if I will have that luck again but only time will tell.
saltydog74 dijo
I've been writing for a couple of weeks to another member on Fuck Book Sex. We met yesterday and had perfect chemistry. We spent the day talking, visiting a museum, watching a movie, snuggling and kissing the evening away. Today we plan to see each other again and may spend the night together. Thank you for providing this service.
NewLifeGirl37 dijo
MY THREE BEST FRIENDS I have been an active chatting member with Adult Friend Finder for well over 4 years now. The pleasure of meeting new and exciting people allllllll mine of course. I guess the biggest success story I have to tell you about is how Fuck Book Sex has had an affect on my own personal life. Four years ago I stumbled across your website while divorcing my husband of 8 years. I was very vulnerable and an ez target for the many predators that exist today. Since this time......with the many experiences I've encountered I have learned to be a much stronger person both in my work environment and home life. I no longer let people who "think" they can bully others around take advantage of me or others. Due to your company and your website I have once again found my 3 best friends! ME MYSELF and I........and for that I truly and deeply thank-you!
badboy1240 dijo
I'm a single guy. Now that being said we are a dime a dozen. However, I have been fortunate enough to make and meet several couples here and one exceptional lady. I thoroughly enjoyed the MFM and continue to visit with two of the couples. Those I met live in Texas. There must be a thing about Texas because that is where I seem to convince them that distance is not a problem. I travel free as a former airline employee. I will tell you one thing ladies when you get done by two guys I honestly believe your sex life blossoms. And mine has over bloomed. I got the best blow jobs with the assistance of husbands encouraging ya'll in my life. Both of the females were apprehensive but now they are very kind to welcome me back. I think its because I don't push and I sincerely try to put them at ease. I am not as young as I used to be but my orgasms are better than ever. I can also play long and hard. I have fucked and sucked one gal that much that I haven't missed tasting and savoring every bit of her body. I came on her tits(the hugh twins), I came in her mouth, and I came almost everywhere. She could be a sperm bank. Any how I'm just rambling but thanx to Fuck Book Sex I'm hard and whore knee for a long time to cum.
rm_ackita dijo
hola soy un chavo de 26 años y no estoy muy bien dotado que digamos pero eso no me afecta porque soy muy cochinon en la cama. tengo una amiga que le gusta como se lo ago y acada rato me pide que le aga el amor, esto se lo a contado a sus amigas y sus amigas me buscan mucho para llevarmelas a la cama.poreso amigo no te acomplejes de el tamaño de tu pene todo depende de como lo agas.
EdgarOK dijo
Hola tengo 28 años tengo novia y llevo con ella 4 años he tenido relaciones de sexo ocasional con mujeres mayores, me encanta hacerlas sentir como nunca se han sentido, recientemente sali con una mujer no mucho mayor que yo ella tiene 34 años y es casada, el encuentro fue de sexo ocasional una vez y nada mas, no me gusta tener problemas con mi novia, ella nunca se entero de esto, pero cuando tome en mis manos esta mujer comence a besarla sentir como mis labios acariciaban su cuello, su tersa piel desnuda, es delicioso como ella se humedecia cuando pasaba mi lengua por su cuerpo comenzando detras de la oreja y bajando lentamente por su cuello, al llegar a sus senos y ver sus pezones completamente parados me detuve a mordisquearlos y chuparlos pasarlos por debajo de mi lengua, mientras apretaba el otro seno con mi mano la mujer aumento su respiracion fue tan excitante, segui bajando por su estomago y me detuve en su ombligo tenia un ombligo bellisimo y no perdi la oportunidad de meter mi lengua en es que delicioso, tome una pierna de ella y comence a lamer sus dedos le causaba cosquillas pero tambien excitacion, comence a subir por su pierna oi como ella aumentaba su respiracion y aunque mi pene estaba completamente erecto me aguante las ganas de penetrarla por sentir la delicia de realizarle sexo oral, eso fue fantastico sentir como ella se estremecia cuando mi lengua rozaba sus labios, tan suaves deliciosos, y excitantes ella era un poco belluda pero me excito demasiado sentir sus bellos rozando mis labios y perderme en su vagina mientras la lamia metia mi dedo dentro de ella, ella estaba completamente excitada senti como su vagina estaba caliente humeda y fue ahi cuando comence a penetrarla fue el mejor sexo de mi vida, si tubiera la oportunidad lo volveria a repetir.
rm_bErLiNLoVe24 dijo
Joa viel ist hier noch nicht passiert :( muss man mal weiterschauen :)
bi_fun69 dijo
i met my new boyfriend on Fuck Book Sex. we have the best time in the bedroom. he loves fucking my ass.
DrWigglyTongue dijo
Mine begins with lowered expectations and ends with finding my soul mate. After years of failed emotional relationships I joined Fuck Book Sex looking for only physical relationships. I thought no point risking getting hurt anymore...or as I've heard "why buy the cow when you get the milk for free". So with profile posted and Silver ball in hand I began to hunt for playmates only to meet a woman that rewrote my ideals for my future completely. We should have known each other for years due to our children being very close friends. But neither of us thought to seek each other out thinking the other was attached or not interested. She too had given up on love and just wanted no-strings fun. But after a few coffee dates it was becoming apparent that neither of us wanted to be limited to being bang buddies. Now, we are a couple and I for one have never been happier. She treats me so good it's shocking sometimes. We have so much in common that it's like hanging out with myself without the nudie mag. She is everything I have ever looked for in a woman and so many things I never thought I'd want. Thanks Fuck Book Sex and thank you Kathy for being in my life.
golfergirl1982 dijo
I was on Fuck Book Sex for 2 months and met the most wonderful guy & he and I are dating now. And the sex is great! Thanks Fuck Book Sex!
rm_Katocouple2 dijo
We registered on here, and became silver members. We sent out a few messages to ladies with interesting profiles. Within a couple days a nice young lady messaged us, and we chatted back and forth, traded a few pictures, met in person, and had our first threesome. It was an incredibly hot and rewarding experience. We all had a great time and I think we're going to be great friends, with benefits.
rm_greyhunt dijo
hehe da haben meine vorgänger recht anscheinend wird hier nur gefaket
rm_MintAltoid dijo
I met the hottest woman on here - she was fun to talk to hand had the greatest assets. The best thing, is that she was single and interested in me. We are meeting again this weekend.
I've been on Fuck Book Sex for a couple of months now and have met a couple of really nice females some people who you would never expect were on a site like this. Well thanks a million for this site. I'm getting laid more than I can handle.just about ready too visit the doctor for some viagra to keep up with these two hotties I met here. Hope to continue too meet new ladies until that special one sweeps me away. Haven't found one with puffy nipples yet though so I will keep lookin. Hey thanks once again -- wasn't for this site I would probably still be having relations with myself, haha if anybody has there doubts so did I but first let me tell the guys man you got too post a picture and not of your dick. The two I have met here say they would not respond to a cock pic. So I WOULD SAVE THAT TILL THEY ASK. Every girl on this site is different some might want that. Not the ones I met. glad I only had a face shot. In closing, this site does work just give it time and you will need to get viagra to keep up with the girls here. Thanks Fuck Book Sex FOR GETTING ME BACK IN THE SCENE WAS OUT FOR EIGHT YEARS NOW I'M READY TOO RIDE. HAMMERTIME6932 WANNA RIDE THIS COWBOY...
mujer_ardiente2 dijo
mi noche mas exitante comenzo cuando tenia 18 años.Estudiaba el secundario todavia y tenia problemas en algunas materias , es por ello que los profesores me ayudaban. Nos juntabamos en grupos reducidos e ibamos a la casa de uno de ellos. Una noche fui a la casa del de historia con dos compañeros (mellizos) y una compañera. Llegamos y el estudio se torno muy aburrido, por ello mi compañera se fue con los mellizos a cojer a la habitacion del profe , los gritos se escuchaban hasta la calle, yo era vergonzosa por eso no respondia a las señas de mi profesor. Dos horas despues mi compañera se fue y quedamos los cuatro solos, tarde solo treinta minutos en perder la verguenza y quedarme desnuda. Me cogieron de todos lados , uno por la boca, otro por el ano y otro por la vagina.goze como nunca.volvimos a repetir este encuentro varias veces y se lo recomiendo a todas. chicas, gozen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rm_72tester72 dijo
Viele tote Mitglieder. Hatte mir mehr versprochen. Muss man wohl zu anderen Seiten ausweichen...
rm_Lammerschmidt dijo
Also bis jetzt habe ich es noch nicht hinbekommen einen konntakt aufzubauen aber ich arbeite noch dran.Vieleicht kann mir ja jemand ein paar tipps geben wäre sehr Dankbar dafür.
newtothis22004 dijo
We are a happily marrried couple 50 yo who were having a so-so love life. As I put it monogamy leads to monotony. Boring. As a whim, I found Fuck Book Sex thru an adult link and joined as a standard member. I couldn't believe what was out there, and I wondered if it was for real. Rember, I had just logged in and within three days we were able to write to another like minded couple. We set a date for that weekend for lunch and met. After getting to know a little about each other, we decided to go back to their place for a soak in the hot tub. WARNING! Do not stay longer in the hot tub than 30 minutes, because it will kill your libido. Even so, we were sharing pleasures for the next 5 hours. WOW. I never felt as good, nor did my wife feel as tired. We are now seeking others in the area and look forward to more fun with our new friends. E & S
I_Am_A_MILF dijo
Planning my trip to DC was easy it was getting all the men straight that wasn't.
I was in Manassas Virgina back in May. I had made arrangements to meet an Fuck Book Sex member. He came to my hotel, we had this instant attraction- went for dinner had a few drinks and back to the hotel.
Upon arriving at the hotel we were all over eachother. The licking, biting, caressing, kissing was so incrediable. I wanted this experience to be one that he would never forget. I had him laying on his back with his cock in my mouth - my hand stroking as my mouth was devouring him. I had this idea of calling the couple I had been with only days before, he was on the phone with the wife as her husband was fucking her with his tongue and I was taking this man so far down into my throat- fucking him. As he listened to the wife cumming he came hard for me. IT was only moments before he was hard again - this time he was talking to the husband as the wife sucked him off. The husband was telling my date how good I was at sucking cock - of course with my date's cock deep in my mouth and throat how could he argue? My date then handed me the phone put me on my back and starting finger fucking me, licking me. God it was incredible. The husband wanting me to tell him what my date was doing and how good it felt. I told my date that I wanted him to fist me. And he did. He had me cumming so hard over and over that shortly after the fisting began we had a knock at the door. Imagine my surprise when i opened the door to see the Night Manager and Security (holding a black medical bag ) standing at my door. The thought came to me that i should invite them in.. but i just replied that i would try and keep it down. This was one of the most erotic nights of my life. Being fucked and fucking while talking to a couple on the phone. I can't wait for my next business trip! M
nola_couple_69 dijo
thanx Fuck Book Sex.we recently hooked up with a single male member.first we e-mailed each other, then we talked on the phone.I suggested that we meet at a local bar.so we did.my wife was very nervous about the whole thing and I insisted that we have some fun.well to some it up, my wife loosened up after a few drinks then we went to a hotel and you can figured out what chain of events took place after that.the guy we met was cool, not pushy and we felt comfortable enough to invite him for a 2nd experience.thanx again Fuck Book Sex...you got the hook-ups lol
breizhthierry dijo
Pas besoin de témoigner. Laisser le passé se défiler pour faire place au présent. Protons donc de la vie, on ne sait jamais de quoi est fait le futur.
rm_liodlioness dijo
I have been on Fuck Book Sex for 9 months now, I have made many friends, male and female, and been privileged to meet a few of them. I'm having the time of my life, this site has opened up a whole new world for me-thank you Fuck Book Sex! lio
Tigress_007 dijo
I have been on Fuck Book Sex since March 04, after deciding I needed more pleasure and excitement than what I was getting from my husband of 21 years. As odd as it seems, the first man I decided to finally meet after emailing for several weeks was more than I could have ever wished for! We met at a friends condo, and within an hour were literally pulling each others clothes off. He was in a sexless marriage, but the sex was incredible between us. He is absolutely the best kisser I have ever had, and we were so in sync with one another's bodies. Well, it was perfect for 3 mos, then the guilt hit him, and he called it off. We still remain friends to this day, but I miss the physical side of our relationship so much. Be careful what you wish for on Fuck Book Sex, because there really are terrific people out there! I know, I fell in love with one!!!!! PS- I recently turned my profile back on, and the responses have been overwhelming, and I am currently seeing several. Thank you Fuck Book Sex for giving me this forum to find incredibly sexual men that I can be compatible with.
desseretta2001 dijo
After being on Fuck Book Sex for about 2days, I met my b/f. It was pretty kool. We just ended up clicking after going on our first date together. I like him a lot...which is returned. (winks)
LonelyLittleGirl dijo
I've been a member on and off for several months and have met several great people. I am a divorced single mom and don't have alot of time to meet people and this site really works for me. Have had some mind blowing sex and some dates where talking was the most fun. Only had one bad experience and I think it was because I didn't communicate what was okay and what wasn't. But other than that, I love it. Thanks Fuck Book Sex
rm_greyhunt dijo
also bisher hatte ich hier noch kein erfolgserlebniss
rm_laney70 dijo
Hola a todas, soy laney70 y soy nuevo aca, estoy en busca de chicas de la ciudad de cordoba, argentina que esten dispuestas a mucho sexo, estoy en pareja hace ya mas de dos años y el sexo con ella es fantastico, pero nececito mas, aquellas chicas que esten dispuestas a concretar historias exitosas contactenme a traves del chat hispano todos los dias entre 9 hs y 9, 30hs de la mañana hora argentina. creo que todavia no he alcanzado los limites del placer y de las distintas formas de tener sexo. y estoy dispuesto a experimentar de todo siempre que sean mujeres, una o varias.
rm_Chica_sexi_ dijo
Hola ! soy una mujer casada, tengo casi 3 años con mi pareja y siempre hemos fantaseado con que me coja otro tipo y cosas asi, hace como un año lo logre. el trajo un amigo a mi casa, estaba borracho y mi esposo me obligo a que se lo parara y se lo mamara a el chamo, cosa que yo no queria porque conocia a ese chamo y me daba pena... a la final tuve que hacerlo le cabalgue y todo, pero esa experiencia no fue gratificante para mi por el hecho de haber sido obligada. De todos modos yo seguia fantaseando con mi esposo porque eso me exita mucho, hace poco comence a revisar paginas de amigos.com y consegui a una muchacha bi sexual, cosa que me llamo la atencion, desde entonces he hablado mucho con ella y con otras chicas, he planeado tener una relacion con otra pareja ( un hombre y una mujer) y con mi esposo, ya tengo hasta la pareja!, y saben eso me exita muchisimo, estamos esperando a que se de el dia para hacerlo como nos de la gana... siempre hablo con el muchacho y nos contamos coasa y terminamos masturbandonos en lo que llegamos a casa, el vive lejos y tiene que viajar. Casualmente ayer estuve chateando con el y me propuso venir a verme, llego hoy muy temprano a casa y nos fuimos a un hotel... La pasamos super rico, tiene un pene espectacular, grande y gordo y me lo metio por todos lados , me hizo gritar de tanta pasion me cojio por todos lados me hizo mamarselo muy rico, acabe muchas veces, me encanto... Ahora hemos quedado que cada vez que pueda va a venir a cojerme y se va a traer a amigas y a su novia para que cumplamos nuestras fantasias, mi esposo no sabe nada aun, pero cuando se entere se va a exitar tanto que terminara cogiendome tambien Tenemos que vivir el sexo, porque es maravilloso!!!
rm_misterdiablo2 dijo
I want to add something : i met a really nice girl this evening and she has accepted to try bdsm. It was a beautifull moment, with her bound on the bed, legs largely opened, and without any possibility of escape. I have shaved her pussy and she asked me to insert a cold bier bottle in her pussy. Try a fuck in a cold pussy, its awesome !!!
ballzdeepnu dijo
I've been a standard member on here for a year now n am only able to communicate in chat room but one girl decided to email me im 23 so always horny she gave me her im we chated a lil talked on the phone we were only a few miles apart so i drove over to her place, shes 18 lives with parents and mormon she just basically said let me suck ur cock she was good she said shes been practicing on lots of guys from Fuck Book Sex she said shes met more than 20 guys in there the way she sucked me she had skills. im considering actually paying for a membership now.
rm_misterdiablo2 dijo
its awesome, i have meet 3 girls in 1 month since my subscription, and i got aids and plague !!! What the fuc...ing hell !!!But it was really nice too, because those 3 girls had all done all my phantasms.
Thanks Fuck Book Sex
rm_pleaser601 dijo
I must admitt that being on Fuck Book Sex has really jump-started our marriage again. My husband always complained about being too tired for sex. Recently we met a firey little red-head, who he was willing to bet wouldn't be interested. She really thru him for a loop. I really like being a tease and enjoy teasing my husband with the friends I have found on Fuck Book Sex.
rm_screwme2002us dijo
I came on Fuck Book Sex at the advice of a friend for some fun. I have met a wonderful girl. While the relationship is only for fun we both look forward to the times we have together.
rm_chikahot19 dijo
Soy una chika de Puerto Rico con 19 años y por medio de esta pagina conoci a una chika que me ayudo a descubrir cosas que no estaba segura de demostrarle a mi esposo.Ahora el sabe que siento atraccion hacia las mujeres y al contrario de estar furioso le alegra por que asi podremos cumplir una fantasia.
rm_indylady9161 dijo
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rm_poderosoj dijo
una noche iva caminando por la clle y de pronto me encontre con una chica k m, e pidio k la acompañara hasta su casa caminamos unas cuantas cuandras y de pronto se sento y me dijo k estaba cansada , ik keria descanasr . yo kise seguir con la marcha pewro ella me dijo . noi sientate un rato descansa luego comen so una concbersa ella miraba mi brageta con ansiedad y yo su delantewra exiotante leugo le pedi sexo y ella me dijo ¡¡¡ y para k cres k emos venido hasta aki y comenso la foollada
rm_mechanic33 dijo
bien todo enpeso cuando tenia 18 an"os estaba en el ultimo grado del colegio, era la mas linda profesora, ella tenia 30, perola mas rica tambien, ella daba clase alos alumnos que estabamos un poco densentendidos de la materia, un dia llegue asu casa la encontre triste y le dije que si no se sentia bien lo dejabams para luego ella dijo que no, se puso a llorar le pregunte porque no queria decir, empeso a hablar poco a poco su esposo la enga"naba eso le dolio mucho, pero era con un hombre me quede frio conocia su marido era un hombre correcto pero me dijohace mucho que no tenemos relaciones, lloro y yo la console nos miramos y ella me beso yo le correspondi pues la amaba haci atiempo y ella se daba cuenta yo le deci ala profesora mas linda.despeus de besarnos nos acariciamos le solte su blusa le quite su falda, le solte el brasier le bese los pechos , le quite su tanga , le acoste en el sofa, labese y, le di una mamada de vagina que se rego, ella me digo yo te hare yo solo me habi aquitado la camiseta ella me quito todo se metio el pene en su boca y despues de un rato el semen corria por sus labios ella se deleitaba la puse luego de cuatro le penetre su vagina su ano.le dia vuelta ella me cabalgo, y terminamos ella abajo jimiendo, lo haciamos en su casa en la cama que dormia su esposo ella decia que queria desquitarselas, haci lo hicimos muchas veces a ella le gustaba solo mamar, era la mejor y beber leche es la mujer mas rica que he tenido un cuerpaso una nalgas las piernas mas bellas los pechos mas ricos, el rostro bello, un dia le dije que le llegue abuscar me digo si pero me estaba cogiendome a mi sobrino de 16 y me dijo he perdido mucho tiempo de disfrutar me conto todo el tipo segun joven pero con un pene de buen largo y le gustaba mamarla a ella eso la enloquecia pero yo tenia que partir para los estados unidos, la recordare siempre profesora de CR, a las mujeres casadas que sus maridos las hacen un lado les digo estan lindas ricas disfruten de su sexo denles una leccion que sepan que ustedes otro hombre las puede amar ahun y si no buscame en el chat te are sentir como mi bella profesora.bye

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